First name: Lisa
Last name: Williams
Aka: Biola
Age: 30
Location: Contonou, Benin; South Africa
On websites: AdultFriendFinder, Yahoo
Report:     This girl contacted me from AdultFriendFinder and seemed right from the begining to be too good to be true. All of her pictures were professionally done. She claimed to be a school teacher from Richmond, Virginia. When I asked to meet her, after exchanging several emails, the story came out. She clained that she was a US citizen born in Richmond, but when her father died, she moved to her mother's country of South Africa, where she worked as a school teacher for children throughout Africa. Most Recently she was in Benin. This is when I started to get suspicious. She always painted a nice picture of a future with her and children and made sure that I thought she was the one and that she wanted to grow old with me. I asked her to send me a pic with the kids she teaches. I was a pic of children without her in it. She said that she was coming to the US soon and needed money for half of the plane ticket. She had previously told of a story of coming to meet a man who said that he would pay for her ticket when she arrived only to have him mistreat her and stiff her the money. She said that if I was serious about her, I would show her I was not like this other guy. She asked me to send money to a travel agent via Western Union to a Biola Williams. This was not the name she originally gave me. She said her mom changed it after her dad died. I asked for her to send me a picture of her holding her US passport next to her face. She initially refused. She then sent me a copy of a certificate of natrualization. When I questioned why she had sent me this and not a passport, she became upset and said that I did not trust her. I replied that if she was born in the United States (like she originally claimed) and not in Jordan (as it stated on this document), she would not have this kind of document. She then said she did not want any further contact with me. A google search of Biola Williams yeilded several dating scams in Benin and Nigeria. I can provide all pictures and the fake document. AdultFriendFinder has deleted her account, without me prompting them . It said she was in violation of their rules.
Status of report: is still without proof