Scam report about Anna Panchenko

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Panchenko
Age:  27
Location:  Anapa, Russia
Address:  Street Red 34
On websites:
Report:  I was first contacted by an individual through an online dating site who was originally listed as being from California but revealed that they were actually from Anapa of the Krasnodar territory in Russia. At first the letters came with pictures and appeared well contrived and thought it to be a scam. I decided that I would continue to play along since things sounded rather interesting. This person called Anna portrayed herself as being a women of 27 years of age with no children and did not smoke nor drink. I though this is great but still not really taking things to seriously so I scanned the letters and wrote that I was seeking a women like you for a serious relationship. After a couple of weeks and several lengthy e-mails on her situation in which she was being forced into marriage with a wealthy man who was a friend of the family. She spoke of being violated by this guy, Dmitry and could not escape due to her family and the control that this guy had in the community. This Anna sought the advise of a lawyer who told that her only option was to seek a future with a man in another country. At this point I was feeling some sympathy towards the character Anna and appeared genuine but still of had some skepticism. I had considered visiting this person by taking a trip to the area but was not in any particular hurry. I had shopped online for plane tickets and hotel rooms and decided it was too expensive: 1400.00 US dollars for plane fare plus hotel, food, and etc.. Well I sent a recent photograph and then things really started to heat up with much more emotion and urgency, I think this person is really talented. I was given a proposal of either her going to Moscow and getting the paperwork done by a vist with an expense of $4000.00 and a time frame of 3 months or going to a local agency that would do the visa, passport and paperwork for about $1500.00 and a time frame of about a week for process and plane travel the following. Having viewed some more pictures of Anna which were convincing enough I queried her about this agency and was given a name Travellux whom did not deal with people like me? I attempted to contact this agency via e-mail for contacts in Anapa but got no response. Now the pressure was on... what was originally a casual type of corresponce was was becoming now or never. I think her pictures really sold me, perhaps reminding me of a previous flame I held for a young women some time ago. I wanted to get a phone call but she could not do so This I thought was possible due to a previous encounter with this Dmitry who broke her cell phone. Well most everything thing seemed to add up so I threw caution to the wind and did a Western Union for the $1500.00 but she still needed the code. I wanted a phone call and received one from a women who sounded not so charming but rather demanding. I wanted to verify some information from the emails so I asked her about events that she had described in her emails and I was only able to get some recognition of Dimitry and a

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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