Scam report about Mercy Burns

First name:  Mercy
Last name:  Burns
Age:  27 on one site 26 on another
Location:  Wooter Arkansas, Jacksonville Arkansas, really in Nigeria
On websites: and
Report:  She will tell you she is from the Netherlands, her family died in a car reck. She has flow down to nigeria to buy jewerly. At first she sounds very convincing then her laptop goes out right after she tells you she loves you and next thing you know she is trying to get you to send her a lap top, or cell phone of digital cam. Just watch out she is a fake. Oh yea she said she is traveling alone but the address she gives you is the worst place in nigeria, sagamu right in the middle of the damn rain forest yea right like I'm going to send her anything. Just what out.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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