Scam report about SUZZY EYISON

First name:  SUZZY
Last name:  EYISON
Age:  26
Location:  ACCRA
Email:  Suzzy
Report:  I sent you a report on this lady last week on Suzzy Eyison from Accra. You added her to your site. She maintains she is genuine, and to prove it she willsend some money back to me to help me with some debts, but only if I take her off this site first. I have agreed but if i dont get the money, will put her back on. Is it possible to take her off for around a week, then I will put her back on if i dont get this money as promised? If so can you take her off temporarilly, to see if she will return some money to me? Your help is much appreciated & sorry for all the trouble. Alan Garforth

Status of report:  is still without proof

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