Scam report about Esther Brempomaa

First name:  Esther
Last name:  Brempomaa
Aka:  Brimpong - Brempong - and maybe others
Age:  32-33
Location:  Ghana Africa
Address:  Newton Accra
On websites:  Yahoo and IM Yahoo
Report:  She pretends to be lonely and her parents died and she lives with Uncle (Michael Siaw) and she doesnt work and has no money of her own only except that her parents left her some gold that she wants to bring to states and start a business there any after short conversations with her she may send you some flowers or something in mail to you but her intentions are to fall in love with you to get you to send her money Western Union for food and stuff to help her then it becomes progressively larger and more frequent and also Uncle goes off to village and gets hurt and she wants money for him to pay doctor bills and all. This girl is relentless in her actions and will not leave you alone. She knows all the tricks and is so convencing to anyone who fall for this trick. She will send you plenty of pics of her in and out of her clothes. I lost thousands of dollare in help her and ticket to fly here all papers she email are bogus even flight tickets. She is extremly good at this. and even after that she still email you and IM you and state that she got caught at airport and put in jail (all lies)and then released to go back to Ghana or wherever and still is in love with you and need your help to return to you and wants you to send her some more money of which I did not.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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