Scam report about Natalya Kutasova

First name:  Natalya
Last name:  Kutasova
Age:  30
Location:  Yaransk or YOSHKAR-OLA, RUSSIA
Phone:  +74957851102
On websites:
Report:  To the responsible person who publishes the swindlers, I want to tell you my story of a Russian woman which swindled me in a majestic way without that I doubt these bad intentions. I live in Quebec, Canada. I was registered on a web site of popular meeting in Canada, On this network I had not my shown photo and after some weeks when I registered, I receive a letter on this network of a young and pretty girl of Russia. Surprised receiving such an e-mail and intrigued to understand which swindle hides back, I decided to answer his e-mail. After one week, I received from these news and began to exchange conversations on internet. At this moment I had no interest for this pretty young lady owed to her young age, her 30 years and me 50 years, but what I liked with these correspondences, it is that she wanted to learn French and I English and our correspondences were made in French on a side and in English on the other side. In our correspondences, she said to me that she had just completed these studies in medicine and that she had made the application for her passport and her visa with the aim of immigrating soon in Canada. She also said to me that she had an uncle who had immigrated in Canada and what he was to help him to immigrate. This uncle working as geologist on an oil derrick. Until now, she had never asked me for my help. With several exchanges of correspondence and photos and also which I live alone, I decided by myself to invite him to come to become established at home for one period of 6 months (the maximum time for an entrance visa) and I will be to see at all these necessary needs. Also I could learn more easily the English and her the French. She could not accept at once my invitation because she was waiting for her visa of permanent immigrant. I learnt afterward that this immigrant visa was a visa which she had begun there is 1 ½ the year and this visa allow him to stay for ever in Canada. She was about to receive him, then she was going to accept with big enjoyment my invitation. I checked all the information which I had collected with the consulate and everything coincided very well but without being sure of from his identification. Some weeks later, she receives her visa. I said to him that she have only to say to me the date when she was ready to leave and whom I want to supply him his plane ticket. After some days, she to come back and she say to me: I obtained my visa under treaty provisions through the medical ministry because I made out the visa as the medical worker, In the contract it is specified that : I should to get the ticket in a travel company which cooperates with the ministry of medicine. The estimation was $1000US and I transferred this sum to its account of bank. Some days later she returns to me and says to me that she was not capable of buying the ticket because her passport is in the hands of the ministry of the decision and this one is going to put back her immediately that she will have $1500US in pocket or demonstrating that she possesses this sum, (necessary money to be capable of living 1 month in Canada before beginning to work or to demand services). I verified this information with the authorities and it is completely true. She says to me that she had $750US in bank and misses him another $750US. She asks me to help him for to borrow him this money and arrived in Canada will put back him to me. I have make this second transfer. Afterward, it had the other demands for the other reasons than I would not speak in this letter but as I had become very fearful and as I did not want to transfer any more other money before insuring me of its good faith, I asked him to photograph his passport on the page of the information, his immigrants visa first side and reverse and its certificate of medicine. After to have to ask for this information’s, she returned to me with a letter of disappointment because I dont trust her and completed his letter with promises of eroticism if me I transfer of money. In conclusion, I have never received any proof of these demanded files. This is a summary of the situation concerning this woman of Russia. Below, you will find all the information that I collected from her. ·His name of correspondence : Natalia ·His pen name : KRASA ·His e-mail : ·His birthday : 10 feb 1977 (30 old) ·These measurements : 1,73 m ... 5-8

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