First name: Svetlana
Age: 28
Location: Russia Sovetsk
On websites: yahoo personals
Report:     I` met this women on yahoo personals and it lised her as liveing nearbye but after our 1st contact her profile was deleated and I learn that she`s in Russia. She has sent me 5 pictures now and 7 E-mails. I found Stop-Scammers while looking up info on the town in Russia she claimed to be from and in the scammer section I found a women with the same name and age but from the 1 photo I can`t be 100% sure its the same person. I hope to see all the photo`s on the site and compare to the 5 I have. If this is the same woman watch out because she is learning from past mistakes and doing a better job selling. She included a picture of herself in front of the Hospital that she claim to work at as well pictures of what she claims is her mother and grandmother.
Status of report: is still without proof