First name: STELLA
Last name: GRABDISON
Age: unknown
Location: CANADA
Phone: 1-763647398/ 00-484-970-8694
Report:     The Grand Hotel&Suites 225 Jarvis Street Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2C1, Canada The Grand Hotel&Suites Tel: 1-763647398/00-484-970-8694 Fax:1-800-314-5889 Ref.47A 99 852 81 00 Manager office in london : Fax: 44- 871- 264- 0892 Grand Hotel and Suites Toronto Belongs to the Following Groups of Canadian Hotels GRAND HOTEL CANADIAN EMPLOYMENTS OPPORTUNITIES* THESE ARE AVAILABLE VACCANCIES WITH OUR MONTHLY PAID SALARIES IN USA-DOLLARS AS THE INTERNATIONAL PAID CURRENCIES TO OUR FOREIGN EMPLOYERS. VACANCIES MONTHLY PAID SALARIES PAYMENT HOTEL SUPERVISOR------ 5,000 dollars -(Front Office Supervisor ,enviromental Supervisor, housekeeping SupervisorStewarding Supervisor,Night Audit Supervisor ,Steward Supervisor ) SALES MANAGERS ----------------------------- 4,000 us dollars Catering Sales Manager, food & beverage Manager,Restaurant Manager HOTEL SUB-MANAGERS ---------------------- 3,400 us dollars Credit Manager,Laundry Manager,Guest Services Manager,Front Office Manager,outlet Manager ACCOUNTANTS------------------------------------ 3,250 us dollars Cashier,Financial/Benefit Analyst,Accounting Management Trainee RECEPTIONIST--------------------------------------3,350 us dollars Receptionist, PBX Telephone Operator,Spa Receptionist, DOCTOR AND NURSE..........5000US DOLLARS CLERK--------------------------- 2100 us dollars COOKERS/CHEF---------------2,310 US DOLLARS BAR ATTENDER---------------2,950 us dollars ASSISTANT RESTAURANT MANAGER--3,900usdollars CLEANERS-------------------1,900 us dollars SECURITY OFFICERS SECURITY OFFICERS DRIVERS -------------------------1,250 us dollars STORE KEEPER----------------2000us dollars LAUNDRY -------------------------2050us dollars CAR GUILDS -------------------- 1,280us dollars GATE ATTENDANT ----------- 1,500us dollars WAITTERS------------------------1,550us dollars ROOMS LEADERS -------------1,100us dollars CYBER CAFE ATTENDANT--1,580 us dollars HAIR SALOON -------------------1,650us dollars MAINTAINANCE ENG ............2,200us dollars MEN/WOMEN FOR SEX MAKING ...........$4,000 us dollars Capacity up to 2 people Total floor size of 31 m² 1 bedrooms & 1 bathroom GRAND HOTEL STAFFS ROOMS ACCOMODATIONS ATTENTION : *JOB VACCANCY APPLICATION STATUS *: EACH APPLICANT ARE REQUIRED TO SEND THE FOLLOWING DETAILS / DATA TO US FOR JOB EMPLOYMENT ENROLLMENT AS ORDERED BY THE HOTEL MANAGEMENT : Information needed from you are as follows; WHILE APPLYING, THESE ARE THE REQUIREMENTS GRAND HOTEL NEED FROM YOU AND YOU HAVE TO APPLY WITH YOUR; INTERNATIONAL. Passport Number= Full Name= Country of Origin= Occupation filtered= Marital Status= Single Application : A single applicant ( non-group applicant ) are presidely needed & accepted . Group Application : Group application are presidely needed & accepted any languges accepted urgently . Applicants can apply in group of 1- 3-10 men / women . NOW IF YOU ARE INTRESTED AND READY IN OUR HOTEL RULES THEN FREE TO CONTACT US . CAN CONTACT THROUGH THIS EMAIL ADDRESS . ABOUT HOW YOU WILL COME OVER HERE IN CANADA.THE GRAND HOTEL & SUITES TORONTO WILL CARE FOR EACH APPLICANT'S FLIGTH TICKET, ACCOMMODATION IN GRAND HOTEL TOURIST LINE AND THE VISA ASSISTANCE, BEFORE YOU HENCE YOUR VISA YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR CLEARANCE APPROVAL LETTER CERTIFICATE FORM THE CANADIAN IMMIGRATION FOR YOUR VISA AUTHORIZEING LETTER APPROVAL FOR YOUR TOURIST ENTRYING VISA AMOUNT $250USD PER EACH APPLICANT FOR YOUR DOCUMENT TO BE APPROVAL FROM THE CANADIAN COORDINATOR IT ONE OF YOUR DOCUMENTS YOU WILL USE TO OBTAIN YOUR TOURIST VISA PIN CODE . NOTICE! I will help to bring you people in Canadian hotel as tourists because of the new Immigration law. Government does not need more immigrants again that's why I have to assist in bringing you people in as tourist. If you will accept to work in Grand hotel Canada, I will all also assist to process all your documents at the immigration bureau and lawyers Ontario Ottawa, Canada. That you are visiting Canada as tourists after processing all your entree documents at the immigration, the chief immigration officer will send you all the necessary documents that you will all need to obtain your visas immediately from our embassy/high commission in your country without any question, after that you come over here and start your job.thanks! HOTEL MANAGER STELLA GRANDISON ##########################
Status of report: is still without proof