Scam report about nancy Porter

First name:  nancy
Last name:  Porter
Age:  19
Location:  Port Novo,Republic Of Benin
Report:  This is just some of the conversation we had.Show Recent Messages (F3) priclessnancy4love: hello dear/ BUZZ!!! priclessnancy4love: i just came in again to check on you priclessnancy4love: whats keeping this long? Charles: ok remember you said we were going to be honest priclessnancy4love: yes priclessnancy4love: are you still there? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Charles: now why do you not have a web cam priclessnancy4love: why are you not talking? priclessnancy4love: i thought i told you the reason yesterday Charles: so tell me againg today priclessnancy4love: federal govt. here bounded it priclessnancy4love: if any one cought with it will be jailed priclessnancy4love: coz they use it for prostitution Charles: is the people who work for the government whit or black priclessnancy4love: i dont understand what you mean Charles: what do you know of your Embacy in the United States Charles: are they white or black Charles: do you have to look that up priclessnancy4love: they are blacks most Charles: and it is illegal to own a web camera there? priclessnancy4love: yes i told you that the ladies here uses it for prostitution which hamper the federation Charles: and that is really a law priclessnancy4love: almost 85% of our ladies does that priclessnancy4love: newly imposed Charles: how long has that law been uin effect priclessnancy4love: i told you 3 years back Charles: you know who i spoke to this morning Charles: where are you really from BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! priclessnancy4love: ght? Charles: what is ght? priclessnancy4love: sorry priclessnancy4love: i said benin priclessnancy4love: i thought i told you all this Charles: i just got off the phone with the Embacy of Benin priclessnancy4love: ok Charles: Guess what I just found out priclessnancy4love: and what did they say? Charles: somebody has been telling lies priclessnancy4love: who? Charles: to own a web camera in Benin is not illegal. That is just a new scam priclessnancy4love: what are you sure of what you are saying? priclessnancy4love: you said you called the embassy right? Charles: yes i diod priclessnancy4love: oh... are you trying to play games with me Charles: no you are with me priclessnancy4love: are trying to tell me whats in my country? Charles: I called the office of your Embacy here in the United States priclessnancy4love: you are making me to have a second thought about you now Charles: well i am not the one who was telling lies Charles: why did you say it was illegal to own a web cam when it is not priclessnancy4love: i told you all of this priclessnancy4love: and i understand you are one of them trying to play games Charles: ok and your embacy just said it is not illegal priclessnancy4love: i never play for this Charles: scammer Charles: i will turn you into the black list priclessnancy4love: whats this? Charles: list of all known scammers priclessnancy4love: i hate this priclessnancy4love: stop calling me names Charles: next time you decide to lie do it better priclessnancy4love: what are you talking about priclessnancy4love: my God this is what i warned for Charles: you lied about the web cam what else is lies priclessnancy4love: why all this priclessnancy4love: are you out to play games priclessnancy4love: i guess i have to report you on this Charles: i am not the lier here priclessnancy4love: you are priclessnancy4love: i will give them all information about you priclessnancy4love: people like you maltreat ladies on the net priclessnancy4love: and bring shame to them

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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