Scam report about Natasha Klyus

First name:  Natasha
Last name:  Klyus
Aka:  Nata, Natalie
Age:  27
Location:  Belovodsk
Address:  Lugansk,91000,Dzerjinskogo Block 6/181
On websites:  Site 2 Date
Report:  Natasha, or who ever she is- was a real slick one- Translation Money scheme - and she can really fool you- I knew those pictures of who ever the girl was- were really a model and she kept sending and sending great pictures I will attach all - sent me-- probably 15 pic's - I would ask for more pictures and they came She seemed to read the letters and now I see where her breaks to include name- to insert are- right after))))))) her happy faces etc. She was supposed to be in the medical field - so did not think was going to ask for Translation Money Email from Translation company I received 6 emails from them with days gave fees and western union- to send for translations Dear Sir! We got your letters and we would like to tell you that we don't know how much time this process will take,your Lady is not able to write you as far as her account is over. We send you pictures of your Lady that she has right now. Thank you for cooperation. With respect, the Top Manager of the Translation company. Watch out for this one

Status of report:  is still without proof

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