Scam report about Tatyana Kislitsyna

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Kislitsyna
Age:  25
Location:  Russia, Cheboksary
Address:  lenins prospect street, house 2
Phone:  +79279946512
Email:  tatyana kislitsyna []
On websites: but now closed down due to my report
Report:  I was writing to this girl for several weeks and thought I knew her quite well, stupid boy! I sent money for tickets for her to visit. She then asked for more money to show customs as she was leaving the country. I checked the passport number and visa number she gave me with British Embassy, they said visa had never been issude in last two years to a lady of this age with tthis name. Also passport was not an international one. 21 ยน0270628 Passport number she gave me UK 6735622 UK visa number she gave me. Comment from This is really very suspicious. There is no such requirement at all - nobody is required to provide cash at the airport or customs, British or Russian. The lady is clearly deceiving you. This is all the information we have on file for her tatyana kislitsyna lenins prospect street, house 2 cheboksary 428000 Russia +79279946512 I seriously doubt that the British Embassy in Moscow would issue her a visitors visa without some kind of invitation letter from you. Ask her to send you a scanned copy of her Russian passportt (all pages) or her International Passport (she should have one if she applied for a visa). Then you will be able to inquire in the Embassy registry if her visa is valid or if anything has ever been granted on her petitions. Do not send any money at all no matter what she will be saying. There is no legal requirements in Russia whatsoever pertaining to the amount of cash one should have in order to be able to leave the country. Sincerely, Alex - manager I think I was talking to a genuine person and then the profule was hi jacked, but I could be wrong. I am not totally sure about the date of birth, the age is right and the month as she recently told me it was her birthday.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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