SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Tatyana Kuklina

First name: Tatyana
Last name: Kuklina
Aka: Sovetskaya
Age: 23
Location: Sovetskaya russia
Address: Sovetskaya 12-39.Mari-El. post code 424000. Russia.
Report:     Hello my dear my beloved ....!!! How are you my sweet?? How has passed your night?? I so am grateful to destiny that has got acquainted with such fine the man as you!!! I see as a lot of love and cares in your letters. For the first time for long time, I feel happy. Because I have found the man about which always dreamed!!!! Except for you, any is not necessary to me man in the world. Only you are necessary to me!!! Only with you, I shall be happy!!!!!! I think that we are created the friend for the friend. I so love you. Also I see as strongly you you love me. Also should be together!!! My beloved, unfortunately, at me not all so is good today. Today in the morning I went to travel agency. In travel agency to me have explained that the most simple and fast way to arrive to you, it by means of the tourist visa. This visa is given for 6 months, and is fast its registration of only 10 days. It means that we can already be together in 10 days after I shall begin registration of my documents! To receive this visa to me it will be necessary to move to Moscow in embassy of your country. Also that I could arrive to you, it will be necessary for me to receive the passport for travel abroad. And to pay consular gathering. That I could receive the visa and all necessary documents is necessary for me All cost makes 390 EUR (210 EUR - the visa and the insurance. + 80 EUR- consular gathering. + 100 EUR - fast registration the passport for travel abroad. My dear, to me was so sadly when I have found out it. In fact I the simple Russian girl, and at me was not present even little a part of necessary money. I very long cried. My love, I do not know that to me to make??? I very much wish to meet you! I would give all that at me is to appear now in your embraces. But, I do not know where to me to take necessary money???? To me so it is sad that in our commercial world everyone solve money. I have written the application on reception of the visa! I yesterday weigh day tried to borrow money but without result! Please if you can that transfer me 390 euro! To me need This money by Tuesday of next week! You Can transfer me of money through western union system as it is the fastest way! I imagine to myself, that fine day when I arrive to you at self-summer and you meet me at the airport with a bouquet flowers. And in the evening we waited a fine supper at candles and the fine first night filled by love and passion. It would be the happiest day in my life, in fact this day our new happy life would begin!!!! My sweet I all heart shall wait from you the answer soon. With love for ever only yours Tatyana.
Status of report: is still without proof