Scam report about Sharon Elliot

First name:  Sharon
Last name:  Elliot
Age:  26
Location:  New Jersey
Email:  sharonellt@yahoo
On websites:  PerfSpot
Report:  I was contacted by sharon elliot on PerfSpot a few weeks ago. She said that she was in Africa(everyone I have chatted with on PerfSpot is in Africa,seems like...) She was down there with her father and was doing some modeling(her profile said she was a model). We chatted back and forth until she wrote that she was sad and depressed, when I asked why she said she hadn't eaten in a few days cause she had no money... When I told her I had no money, she got angry and said that she would not meet me ever!!! Then she called back and apologized for her outburst.I said fine, no problem. Then a few days later she wrote and asked me for a favor. When I asked what, she asked me to cash a check for her; she would send me the check,I was to deposit it in my account then send her the money. I just wrote

Status of report:  is still without proof

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