Scam report about eunice akrong

First name:  eunice
Last name:  akrong
Age:  41
Location:  accra ghana
Address:  55street awudome house 45
Phone:  233-249826065
On websites:  it was
Report:  i know this women. i met her in the united states 3 or 4 years ago. she noticed me when i jioned we emailed each other than i sent her money for a calling never stopped after that. she said she had no money to come to the US so after a month and a half i decided to help her, i told her to send me pictures of herself she was almost naked. i ewconized her immeatly as eunice. after 8000.00 dollars she jump her flight to jfk in new york i was told by the ticket master. her frein sara logah still lives at that address. now i know she is no good. ghana airport said she transfered flights to brazil where her mothers from. this i know to be true about the mother. she said she was born in morrisville vermont.the end result is im out my money and she never landed in the US no where. immagration department checked on that.she uses the brazil passport #-br45789200 and passport serial# is-brazil125036985000001454720. i want to press charges on her if you can locate her. thank you. what a fool i am. some one i knew.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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