Scam report about Elena Vorobyova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Vorobyova
Age:  31
Location:  Ukraine - Khmilnitsky
Report:  She asked for Money for Visa and Sex ,from the second Contact with her, agreed to sleep with me in bed when we meet first time. In her announcement ( she is in www.Germany Love. she is Single but infact she Has two children (Liar) . here is the first letter: Hello my dear !!! How do you feel? How at you an affair? I hope, that at you all is good. I am pleased to receive your letter! Your letter fills my breast with happiness! I could not become happy in my country, and find the person, which Would like to create family. Here, in Russia, men serious and long attitudes and especially at all do not interest creation of family. Later I have decided to try to find happiness abroad. The girlfriend informed me this way. Last night to me there has on a visit arrived my former girlfriend. Now she lives in Finland with the husband and they very happy! She has got acquainted with it through the Internet. First they corresponded letters, and in 2 weeks it has invited her to itself(himself). They have lead together some time. It was 4 weeks. For this time they have learned each other well. Later they have understood, that they are created the friend for the friend. They have understood, that are loving each other and now they are happy. Now they live together in Finland and at them the child was born. They are in love each other and very happy! I was very pleased for her. I during long time have not made to try such kind familiar, through the Internet. I was afraid of it, it was terrible and not clear for me. I did not understand how it is possible to get acquainted through the Internet. Before I considered to get acquainted people should be face to face to each other that they could look on each other, feel presence physically. But my girlfriend has insisted to this. She wants, that I also was happy. The girlfriend has there and then warned that in the Internet is a lot of men who live abroad and want to get acquainted with young girls from Ukraine. But they get acquainted not to be together or to begin a joint life, but only for the sake of entertainment. She collided with it. It has frightened me very strongly. On this I want to ask you: you are seriously adjusted in your intentions and really want to find partner in life? For me your answer is very important. I think, that the mutual trust and honesty underlies any serious attitudes. Only those people which will trust the friend the friend from the very beginning of the attitudes will have hope for the further Development of the attitudes. The trust and honesty in attitudes are very important for me. If two persons like each other, trust and attitudes they will live a long and happy life together are fair with each other in all from the very beginning of the. And that them will not separate! Every day their lives Will be for them as new day, such, as if they have just got acquainted. Still completely not known and novel. You agree with me? I trust you after our conversation last night. Also I hope, that this trust mutual. I in turn speak you, that I hate a deceit! And each my word - the truth. Now I am pleased which has been solved on it as I have met you. I think, our acquaintance will be long and the further. I want to have good family of love with the husband and children. I so have no high temperature of any person. I go after work home and I see empty an apartment. To me at once it becomes sad. To me not to that, to to be prepared for a supper. And as though I wanted to be prepared for a supper, to establish The table also waits for the favourite person home from work. I dream from a domestic life. At me has worked to be all time one. I want to have children. I want, they are children of dews in high-quality family and have been given birth in love of parents! It is very important. In Ukraine it - is a lot of mothers single games, and I want, that my children had the good father of love. I very cheerful person! My hobby is Volly ball. Very much to like me it to do. I like to go in for sports. In the summer, almost every day, I make small jogs and I do various exercises. Even in the summer I go to bathe on lake together with the girlfriends. It is very healthy! I very much like to prepare for various dishes. Especially I like to prepare for something new. At leisure I like to listen to music or to read the interesting book or magazine. I listen to various music. All depends on my mood. To us to city very much frequently there come exhibitions. I very much like to go on these exhibitions. There much all interesting. At exhibitions I learn a lot of new. You love exhibitions? On faculty on which I acted very big competition - 12 person on 1st place was. I studied at university of 5 years and have then received the diploma. After the termination of university of me have directed on training abroad. I have lead on training of all some days, but these days I have remembered for all life! It was first time when I have visited abroad. Very much it was pleasant to me also me it was very interesting! I already wrote to you, when I go home after work. I live separately .in a small apartment (2 room) . I remove this apartment in rent. You are not against if you visit me ? I shall meet you in the Airport , I already love you after we agreed through phone calling , I will kiss you and sleep with you soon . you will get happy with me , I am sure for that. It would be certainly more better, if I speak to you with phone every day. I very much want to hear your voice and to speak by with you every minute. I have already gave you both numbers , home and Mobile to call me. My dreams... I dream from a happy life with the favourite person and with our children. Undoubtedly, I shall have children. Probably not now, probably later, but it will be necessary. Agree, that it is difficult to have children of one. The main problem for me to do happy my future children. I want, that they have been surrounded with love to parents and have been provided all necessary. It is very important for me, that my children have received good education and formation, instead of went On streets. The future of my children is the most important for me. I am ready to go on everything to make my future children happy. I want to travel and study the world. I want to study in every minute something new. I constantly read a lot of literature, but it is not enough of it. I very much would want to see all this the eyes, in a real life. Once, when I was on training, to me there was a happiness it to make. I very much would want, that the destiny has given me one more chance. I never was for the husband, and I have no any children. I very much love children. Now you know much about me. I have tried to tell to you all as it is possible more in detail. If I have missed something, write to me about it. I shall necessarily answer. I would like to learn about a life there where you do live. I think, that it absolutely other world! My girlfriend who lives in Finland with beloved, spoke me about it. She speaks, it so other people and is perfect other life. There more benevolent people also are more sympathizing, and the life is better. Write to me about a life in your city. I shall wait for your letter. All kind. Kisses. Your Lover Elena

Status of report:  is still without proof

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