Scam report about Kristine Bach

First name:  Kristine
Last name:  Bach
Age:  29
Location:  Nigeria
Report:  Brett Henderson: Hello? BUZZ!!! kristine bach: kristine bach: where have u been kristine bach: was looking out for u Brett Henderson: Sorry I missed ya. kristine bach: no offline Brett Henderson: I was very busy today. Brett Henderson: Just got finished with work kristine bach: l miss you and was thinking about you Brett Henderson: I thought about you alot today kristine bach: ok kristine bach: same with me and mum is so happy for us cus l told her all about u Brett Henderson: Really? kristine bach: yes kristine bach: she says as long as l am happy with you...she gives us her blessing Brett Henderson: Thats nice. Im excited! Brett Henderson: So what did you do today? kristine bach: am mre excited darling kristine bach: well l was home thru out......l had to leave house when l had a little quarell Brett Henderson: What was the quarrel about? Brett Henderson: If I can ask? kristine bach: it was with my landlady...over the house rent kristine bach: l cant take it anymore Brett Henderson: How much is your rent? kristine bach: $700 Brett Henderson: Wow, does your mom have a job? kristine bach: she has l do the work Brett Henderson: Really, my mom has diabetes too. She does pretty well though. kristine bach: well you cant compare there with medical facility and the rest like that Brett Henderson: Oh Brett Henderson: So, what do you do for money? kristine bach: l did tell u l am looking for a job....l am only surviving on what l had saved down kristine bach: l mean brand kristine bach: l was about going to joing a band group..... Brett Henderson: Are you a good singer? kristine bach: us they pay them little fund....but they feel l wont be able to do that kind of job...cus its meant for the bar kristine bach: yes l can Brett Henderson: Really, I love women who can sing. I guess you can say Im a sucker for a good woman singer. kristine bach: Brett Henderson: Wish I could hear you sing to me. kristine bach: u will always hear that darling.... Brett Henderson: kristine bach: Brett Henderson: So what will your mom do if you come over here? kristine bach: she will be okay...we already talked about that.....she will be fine Brett Henderson: If she cant work, how will she pay the rent? kristine bach: well really l am looking at getting a job and l can help her with little l can send to her Brett Henderson: Im sure if you come over here you will have no trouble getting a job. kristine bach: l hope so Brett Henderson: Im sure of it. kristine bach: Brett Henderson: So what is your plan to come over? kristine bach: wll l really do not know when u will like me to looking forward to meeting you soon Brett Henderson: Thats so sweet baby. kristine bach: kristine bach: l think l already told you whats involve for me to come over.....what and what l will be needing Brett Henderson: Yes you did. Brett Henderson: So you will need how much of the $7000? kristine bach: noo kristine bach: 700 kristine bach: l said 700 Brett Henderson: Just the passport ? kristine bach: oohh u mean y travelling Brett Henderson: Yes kristine bach: the passport is $100 while the visa is 650....and the ticket is 1300 Brett Henderson: So how much do you have saved up? kristine bach: really l need to be sincere with flat broke, u know l am not working...but how much do u think u can assist me with kristine bach: u there? Brett Henderson: Look heres the deal, I know what you are doing, I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I know you are not really interested in me, you are just trying to get me to send you money for your visa and then there will be a problem with getting the ticket and then the visa will get held up and one after another. If you want to see me then, you get yourself overhere and I will help you get a job. We can date if you want but Im sure you will not come over here but if you do, I will help you out if you want to date me. kristine bach: l beg ur pardon....wats the meaning of all this Brett Henderson: I still like talking to you but you can try to fool someone else if you like. Im not sending you any money. Brett Henderson: Your too pretty to not have a job. kristine bach: well its really good u spoke out ur mind to me...thnx for everything Brett Henderson: Your clothes dont look like you are flat broke kristine bach: ok Brett Henderson: Your smile should be enough to get you a job anywhere kristine bach: ok Brett Henderson: You almost had me though. Nice try. kristine bach: ok Brett Henderson: Also, you should be ashamed of yourself trying to take advantage of good people like me when Im hurting kristine bach: ok Brett Henderson: Im looking for a real relationship not some nut case trying to make me feel good. I feel fine. kristine bach: ok Brett Henderson: I am however very vulnerable and I know you could see that in my profile so you picked me to scam. kristine bach: ok Brett Henderson: I really am a nice guy and you should not do things like that. kristine bach: enough of this...please please kristine bach: thnx for the time and all these word...l hope u find the woman u seek for kristine bach: bye Brett Henderson: Now, If you still want to see me then come over here and I will help you if I can. Brett Henderson: Why would you do this to me? kristine bach: why are u sayin all these to it because l told you my problem...what really do u take me for...l must say, l am really dissapointed in you, l never expected this from u.....well thnx for all what uve told me....and l wish you goodluck in ur search kristine bach: Brett Henderson: Do you not want to see me? Brett Henderson: I dont have a problem with you if you come here without asking me to help you. kristine bach: l shud be asking you that Brett Henderson: If you think there is something there I can tell you yes but you will have to come here to find out on your own. Brett Henderson: Of course I want to see you but I will not pay your way. kristine bach: alright Brett Henderson: All I can say is that if you do come over here to see me, I will help you find a job to help your mom and you make it. Brett Henderson: That would say alot from you that you are serious about getting to know me. Brett Henderson: Do you not have anything to say? Brett Henderson: I tell you what, you tell me when you will be here and I will pick you up from the airport and take you home with me. Then the next day we can find you a job and you can become self sufficient. Then, if you still want to date me, cause I know I would at least like to date you, then we can start a real relationship. BUZZ!!! Brett Henderson: No Comment? Brett Henderson: Am I right? Brett Henderson: If you think Im crazy then google

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