Scam report about Marina

First name:  Marina
Age:  Unknown
Location:  Lugansk Region
On websites:  Date Me Free
Report:  Has anyone ever chatted to a genuine girl on Date Me Free, should be called Date Me, If You Have Money. Took a tip off this site and asked marina to prove she was genuine by posing with a picture of me in front of it. She/He is clever, what came back almost had me fooled it was so good. Typical scammer, always vague letters, never gives detail, when i said no to paying for internet costs, she was straight on to me paying for English lessons. Of course personal one to one training with the English teacher, an Alyona Nogaeva, is $250 dollars a month but its worth it she says. Hey if i could get $250 dollars a month for teaching English to Russian girls Id be out there myself like a shot. Never heard form her again when i told her i didnt want to know because she was always asking for money. This one couldnt wait and hinted about it in the second letter. Poor scammer!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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