Scam report about Olesya Kapusnyak

First name:  Olesya
Last name:  Kapusnyak
Age:  27
Location:  Lugansk
Address:  91000,Zhukova Block,7,
On websites:
Report:  Funny women taking contact to me at after 2 email she fell in love???? and i havenĀ“t told her about my self yet, only fun storys: Hello my dear friend. Thanks a lot you are interested in me. Its so kind of you. what data do you need?:) i am 27, never married, i have no kids, but i would like to. i am a hairdresser. my full name is Olesya,but i prefer to be called Lesya. i will try to give you an idea about myself. i am a normal person, and i will tell you everything in details in later. and now i would like to explain you my choice. I havent used the Internet to get acquainted of somebody. So its something new for me. But I suppose more will happen for a person if one is willing to go for opportunities. So I decided to search the Man of my dream by means of Internet. It doesnt matter what he looks like. The main things for me is what he has inside his heart. I think Im lucky and I always go for it. I like people with character, strong spiritually, who can get everything they want. Im sure good luck doesnt just fall into our lap, but we have to make it happen. I enjoy to meet cheerful people, to find out something new for me. Im very energetic and never idle. I like fun and merriment. But at the same time I adore quiet places among trees and mountains or some quiet seaside place near the sea, with yellow sand and the sunshine. But the most important things for me are a family and wonderful family atmosphere. Nothing can be compared with them. Im able to give anything my darling people want to get from me. There is no more happiness for me than to be surrounded by the happy people of mine. I was born to be happy and to make happy the people closed to me. My house will be full of joy, happiness and childrens laugh. I hope to hear from you soon. Here is my e-mail address Best wishes, Lesya. Hello my dear, ****!!! It was great to get your letter. Im deeply impressed by your nice attention. I was impressed by your telling of yourself. Its really interesting for me to find out your life style,your aspirations and your ambitions. Im glad to have an opportunity writing you again. There is no doubt our corresponding is a nice chance for knowing each other better. Its my pleasure to use this lucky chance. As you know, Im looking for a soulmate here, someone who could understand all my feelings, all my desires and thoughts. In the real life its so difficult to find a man whom I could trust everything. So I decided to try to do it here . What do you think? Is it a nice idea? I know that there are plenty of kilometers between us, but through these letters we can learn a lot about each other and hopefully in future we might become closest friends and even partners :) Will you help me to find out whether its a lucky chance about our meeting here or not? And speaking about

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