Scam report about Victoria Krivoshekova

First name:  Victoria
Last name:  Krivoshekova
Aka:  Natalia Zakurdaeva, Natalia Makarova
Age:  29
Location:  Leninogorsk (Russia), Makeevka (Ukraine)
Address:  Russia, 423260, Leninogorsk, Vishkina str.,18
On websites:
Report:  I met this lady on; she told me to be a teacher of history and interpreter of english/russian. It appears that her english is rather on the very bad side, and she kept insisting on me to send her money altough I proposed several times to come myself to Ukraine. Worse, in her last email as shown below, she mention to refer to a translator to write in english! { .... Hello my dear Jad! how are you? I am fine! I want to talk to you seriously. I dont know, maybe I hurry up. Frankly speaking, its hard for me, because I dont know what to start with. And I always remember my promise to be honest and frank, it gives me confidence! I want to ask your help. I dont insist and demand, I just ask. In order to correspond with you I have to pay to the translator from the Internet cafe, whose service I use. For me 100 USD is rather big money. I dont want to ask my parents to help. As far as I decided to make such a serious step and create a family, I think I am adult enough woman to solve such problems without their help. And it is natural that I addressed you first of all. MY sweety! I want ask you to help me to pay for the Internet , I belive all will be ok... I want writing to you my address Ukraine city Makeevka street Lenina 15 /84 Nata Makarova Western Union I think you will help me.....Nata ....}

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