Scam report about Natasha Cole

First name:  Natasha
Last name:  Cole
Age:  30-32
Location:  Logos,Nigeria
On websites:  not now ,but was on Horney Matches
Report:  In refernece to the above.She,Natasha Cole first copntacted me in June/07.She was originally from NYC but was in Nigeria with her Mom.She was buying antiques,told me she had spent thousands and was shipping them back to NYC.Her Mom was in hoppital there in Lagos being treated for something to do with fatique and breathing. Natasha,fell in love with me just too fast.Stated in Aug. she would fly to Toronto to be with me ,wanted to become my wife and live with me.haha. Anyway,was suspisious,but for 6 weeks had not asked me for money.I told her I did not want to wait until Aug. and for her to come now to see what would happen.She said she would and buy her ticket to Toronto on 18th of July to arrive on 21st of July at Toronto.Then ,suprise,on 18th of July her Mom got ill and needed operation costing $1500.00 Could I wire by Western Union.She told me who to send it to and where.I said Bye ,bye Scammer. She was hurt that I called her a scammer.However,according to letter posted by a Jerry from USA he has also been talking to her.He states 3 times she,Natasha called him Dave by mistake,well guess what ,I am the Dave.She is clever,does not rush into asking for money because she knows that intellegent men know about scams and do not rush into sending money to strangers.She bids her time ,then when she thinks its OK goes for the hit.Hope you pass this on to Jerry for his protection and post this to her profile on your site.E-Mail same as what you have,received over 30 letters from her and talked to her daily on Yahoo Messenger until I proved she was a fake.Best regards,Dave from Canada

Status of report:  is still without proof

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