First name: Tanya
Age: 27
Location: Kazan Russia
Report:     letter 1 Guy, with huge pleasure I receive your letter and I speak you hello also! I wish to tell to you all over again many thanks, that you have written to me. I can assume, that you too are interested by acquaintance to me. I am really very glad to write to you as you have interested me in yours profile. But if you ask, that it was pleasant to me me in yours profile I cannot answer you as I not so well remember. I wish to tell, that I have written to several men. And now you are 2 who has answered me. I am very glad to you. But I hope, that you are not annoyed on me knowing it. I assume, that you also write to several girls. I had experience of acquaintance in the Internet, but it was very awful to tell in my first letter. I think, that I shall tell to you later and I also do not wish to recollect it now. It is more pleasant to me to write to you my letter and to inform you more on yourselves that you knew me. I wish to get acquainted with you more close. I shall answer all your questions, Because always there are questions to the person whom you get acquainted. I think, that you have questions to me and most important of them likely in what you me will ask where I live. I live in city Kazan. It to be in Russia in Republic Tatarstan. I was born and lived there always. You already know, that to me 27 years, I work in oil company Tatneft. I not married and to not have any children. Between us huge distance. But I do not think, that it can stir for acquaintance. I shall tell, that I am very glad, that between us there was a sympathy. If you to me write to talk simply not wishing any continuation I can tell at once to you, that I not for the sake of dialogue search for the man on the Internet. Simple games and correspondence without any desire to find the half are not necessary to me. I ask you to be with me frank and fair in all from the first message. I ask it as I already know, that it is a lot of deceit on the Internet. I do not assume you personally. I only do not know you well, but very much I wish to know. I shall be do everything, that in my forces to support our acquaintance at a necessary level. There can be you will tell now, that I am too young and we have a distinction in the age of. And I think, that you can remember, that to me of 27 years. But it is not for me a problem because I have written to you meaningly. I wish to have relations with the man which is more senior than me. It gives confidence that we will not have mistakes which usually happen at people is younger. I hope, that you understand me. If you had other questions to me ask me. It is a pity, that you almost spoke nothing about yourselves. Therefore tell to me little bit more about itself. And I shall ask also some questions then. I have sent with this letter some my pictures. They have liked you? Yours faithfully to you. Tanya letter 2 Guy, I am very glad, that you have written to me again. I hope, that all is good with you. How are you doing? I really like to realize, that is the person on the Earth to which I became interesting very much. Even if this person to be so is far from me, and us shared greater distances. I am happy, that you want learn me. I so hoped, that you will write to me again and you have justified my expectation. There can be it destiny, that we have met in this huge internet. You know, that when there should be something and you feel it, it necessarily occurs. And I felt it, when have gone to cafe the Internet. There can be our hearts searched for love... Probably friend... Time will prompt us. Thanks for pictures, you to have very beautiful motorcycle. When to me there were 15 years at mine the daddy there was a big motorcycle, it something was similar to yours, but was not such beautiful, I liked to go very much with it and it often rolled me. I still all to have from it good memoirs. If under the truth I understand nothing that in motorcycles and I do not know anything about Harley Davidsons but this name I already somewhere seems to me heard. I hope soon you will send me your pictures, they very much to not suffice me. I wish to tell to you a little more on myself, my birthday on May, 15th. And I was born in 1980. Within these years my life I have gone through much. Were both the good moments and bad. I think, that you could tell also. But it is our life. I think, that we should accept our destiny such what is. And I always try to be the optimist. I know, that feelings have no borders and consequently has decided to try to find the friend far abroad. In hope, that this friend becomes for me the most close person in due course. I also would like to tell, that I go in for sports on a regular basis. I love, when my figure is in a good condition and I like to be vigorous for all day. And you love sports? You tell what kind of sports like to be engaged. I think, that any the man wants, that close there was a girl at whom it is pleasant to look. I run with the girlfriend in the mornings. It is easy jog for 15 minutes. I do it approximately 4 times a week. At me the limited time for work with the Internet as I do not have computer. I go to cafe the Internet to use the Internet. It is not so far from my work, but far from my house. It does is more difficult continuation of our dialogue. But I shall try to answer you very soon. I hope, that I can write every day to you and check the email. I send you the photo. I wish you all good. On this phrase I shall finish the letter. I wait for your letter. Tanya letter 3 It is very joyful to me to receive your letters again and again, and it is very pleasant to have the correspondence with you on such huge distance. With each letter we start to learn each other better and for me it is an interesting thing, yours e-mail. Last time on a shower is available for me boredom, there are no joyful things and your message now for me as a solar beam. Guy, thanks, that you wrote to me some answers to my questions. Yours e-mail what you the person gradually helps me to understand. Thanks for your picture which you to send me, it to me have very much liked me. I wish to ask you to send me still some your pictures please if you certainly to have them, ok? I think it will be fine if with each new letter we shall send each other our pictures, I think so our correspondence becomes much more brightly and more interestingly, you agree with me? Only I wish to ask you that you did not send me very much greater pictures because I can have problems to accept it. Guy I send you other picture of. I hope, that it will like you. Tell to me more in detail about the family. Whether it is a lot of at you relatives? What at you with them attitudes? How often you gather? In my family very much close relations. I already spoke you that I live one. I the only child at the parents. My family very amicable, sometimes we get out for city for an entertainment. It is a beach, fishing in the summer. In the winter skates, skis. This good time for me! And I envied other children in the childhood which had brothers or sisters. Certainly I to have cousins and sisters. I always asked the sister my parents in the childhood. They spoke me, that will be fast at me the sister. But I never saw her. And I have understood, that at me never will be sisters or the brother only when I became more. I understand my parents, that they could not provide several children. My parents worked very difficultly to earn money. We had difficulties in family earlier, but we in family always had a good mutual understanding. And also now I would like more to learn about you. About your family. Where you grew and about your parents. To me it will be valid interestingly to learn more about you and to get acquainted with you more. In private life at me emptiness. Last attitudes at me were in the past to year. There was one man, but I have left it. It at all did not approach me. Among associates me people I cannot allocate anybody for serious attitudes. Good men to become it is ever less and to test once again annoyingly disappointment when you think that has met the suitable person. Likely therefore I also have addressed in service of acquaintances. Here I can probably find the person who will love, appreciate and understand me. Whether for me will be important rich he/she is the person and what work has. I wish to know more about you and inform me also something new.
Status of report: is still without proof