First name: Inna
Last name: Grigoreva
Aka: Inna
Age: 26
Location: Moscow
On websites: Inna Grigoreva
Report:     Contacted me from an online dating service. I belong to a few so I can't remember which one. But I've been responding to her email-s since Aug 8th, She's a good scammer. She wasn't able to scam me. Because I googled her name and got loads of dirt on her. But I want to protect other Men that these types of Treacherous Vipers (bad women) prey on. Basically, she was giving me the story of a very hard and difficult life in Russia and want to see the world from another prospective. Send me a lot of pictures of her. Told me she was coming out USA (Los Angeles on a special work travel program to help young people find work abroad from Russia. And Supposedly she's leaving Moscow on Sunday to come to LA to meet me and that she needed to borrow about 900US dollars for her to have a place to stay until her Interview with Immigration, and so eventually she could apply for a green card. She was pretty believable until she asked me to borrow $900 dollars for her that I don't have. I'm trying to get my car fixed right now, and don't have that kind of money for a total stranger, let alone someone that I do know. Plus I wasn't born yesterday, nor did I just fall off the Turnip Truck. (Hell No!!! I aint got no 900 dollars, she's crazy I tell myself. I won't even let my exgirlfriend borrow 900 dollars and I've known her for 4 years. Anyways watch out for this Bitch Inna Grigoreva She's nothing but trouble. IN RUSSIA OR CALIFORNIA. POWER TO THE SINGLE MEN IN AMERICA!!! DON'T FALL FOR THIS BULLSHIT, DON'T GET CAUGHT UP!! AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THESE HOES!!! THERE COMING TO CATCH YOU WITH YOUR GUARD DOWN!!!!
Status of report: is still without proof