SCAM REPORT ABOUT  margarita vladimirowa

First name: margarita
Last name: vladimirowa
Aka: elena karnaoukhova
Age: 31
Location: russia, yelbayevo
Address: baksan, russia 361500
Report:     In december of 2006 I recieved a letter from a lady in florida which I responded to, in her next letter she told me she was from russia, we corresponded through march 13 2007. I recieved an average 3 pictures a day for almost 5 months and the most beautiful letters. Until the time for her arrival into the USA that's when she had a terrible accident and I never heard from her again. I have since searched the web and found others with identical letters and pictures, leaving no doubt that this is a scm artist. I have my wetern union reciept where I sent $1300 to Elena Karnaoukhova, to western union in Baksan, Russia 361500 mtcn 627-920-1583
Status of report: is still without proof