First name: Sanya
Last name: David
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria, Georgia statesboro
On websites:
Report:     Email and my response. Notice the inability to count!!! Date: 19-Aug-2007 12:00 Subject: Re: Hey To: sanya david Well, if you're genuine then sorry because this will sound really rude but I doubt it. Let me give you a few tips for running your scam more successfully: 1. Go to school and learn to count. If you were born in 1980 then you can't be 29 this year. 2. Don't mention Nigeria. Everyone knows that as soon as an African country is mentioned in an email then whatever it may be is a scam. To put it simply it's rare for anything good to come out of Africa (except South Africa)--I mean in terms of people; of course diamonds, gold and oil are all good. 3. Forget the sob stories about parents dying, fiances cheating on you etc, it just sounds over the top. 4. Don't make all of your emails a standard script, take some time and write fresh emails for every scam target. I can spot a mile off that this is just 'the usual'. 5. Don't say thank you for my photo and then ask for my photo so you can see what I look like. Again, sorry if you are genuine (a 0.000000000000000000000001% chance) but this looks so much like a scam I would be stupid to think anything else. It would only be a matter of time until you started asking for money, flight tickets or whatever. Nice pictures though, very pretty girl. Good luck with accumulating the monies... Mr X. P.s. you might find this a funny reflection of your activities: On 19/08/07, sanya david wrote: Hello Dear xxx, Am very happy to read back from u,well ,My name is Sanya David, born on the 29th of Nov, 1980 which means am gonna clock 29 yrs old this year. Am a Model and am a self empolyed and i ve travel to diffrent country such as UK,Canada and Japan also Nigeria, but i am presently in Nigeria now for a Modeling Competitions,and i leave in the state,Georgia statesboro. I was born in England but i live in the state,so i went to England at the age of 13 yrs old for my Education and i left England at the age of 21yrs when my parent die by a motor car accident, and finnished my college education in the states.thanks for the lovely picture u sent to me,i also sent u some of mine. I am still single since i had caught my fiance red handed in my room sleeping with my closest friend, just two days to my wedding, and i shut my heart from relationships, but i have decided to open my heart and learn to love and trust again, and i am here to find a new love..i dont know if its you? The kind of Man am looking for should be very well responsible, honest, caring, lovely, open-minded and i dont mind if he has any kids or not, and i promise to take care of him with everything i have in all aspect and also make him happy till the rest of his life if he can, in return give me his love. Well, i am having to take care of my modelling business here and hope to get things done, so that i can be back home, and i will like to meet you in person so that we can get to know much more about eachother. If you are really serious and interested in me, i will like to read from you again, soon, because there's to be NO MORE GAMES in my life. I will be hoping to read from you soon. Please mail me with your pics so that i know how you look. I also hope that we can get to make a long, sweet relationship, because you look nice and sweet. I will be looking forward to reading from you soon. Till then, take care of you. regards, Sanya.......
Status of report: is still without proof