Scam report about patricia forgot

First name:  patricia
Last name:  forgot
Age:  30
Location:  accra
Email:  dont remember
On websites:
Report:  She e-mail me, told me she was a hair dresser & has her own business & is looking for a good christian man to settle down with and start a family. I ask to see a pic of her. she sent 3, I note two is on you site already. one of picture she sent me showed her practically bending forward in a see through blouse showing off her breasts. I said this isn't the woman for me, she is selling sex and we haven't met yet. This turned me off instantly. I council her about that and told her that it sends the wrong message to men when she diplays her herself that way & especially meeting me for the first time online, this isn't a good presentation of herself. moreover, she will be attracting to herself the wrong kind of men. I deleted her e-mail address and pics thereafter. never sent her money or contacted her again.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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