Scam report about Maria Liverinova Mikhailovna

First name:  Maria Liverinova
Last name:  Mikhailovna
Aka:  Masha, Mari
Age:  22
Location:  Ternopol, Ukraine
Address:  Veselaya st.3/11, Ternopol, Ukraine, 46000
On websites:
Report:  She is the typical visa/trip scammer. I sent her a wink at (I have reported it to the webmasters, who claim to have an anti-spam politics, they have answered me that they will investigate the case... we will see...), then she wrote me a little letter and all started. As you could see, their letters are very similar to those sent by Inga Goncharenko, Oksana Rakovskaya and specially Irina Pavljuk and Julia Mazur. The first ones seem to be really theirs, or at least they are not still in your database. Anyway, there are more personals... but as we went ahead, she simply reproduced models from the well known stock all of them use. The “travel agency”, Rounde Ua, is the same used by Inga Goncharenko. That agency is listed in several scam agencies blacklists and the IP of both “Mari” and “Rounde Ua” is the same and can be traced back to Kazakhstan. It was a pity, because (as most of them) she is really pretty (if the girl in the pics is really the message writer, what’s uncertain), but I was fortunate enough to find Stop.Scammers before the damages were really more serious than the hurt of my self-esteem. (Alberto, Spain)

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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