Scam report about Lanre Dasilver

First name:  Lanre
Last name:  Dasilver
Age:  38
Location:  Lagos Nigeria, originally lansing Illinois USA
Phone:  +2348059396674 (mobile)
On websites:  Horny matches
Report:  She came to be through Horny matches, within 24 hours was asking me to help with a land deal, her alleged husband had bought for development in Nigeria, and wanted $32,000 USD for documents. I noticed 2 days ago she had been blocked, deleted from HM for fraud, I was talking her tonight and after being told more than once that I do not have that sort of money, nor could get it, she began abusing and insulting me on Yahoo messenger. I immediately deleted and blocked her. I can supply copies of these chats if required.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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