First name: Vera
Aka: Veronica
Age: 24
Location: Russia, Dzerginskoe
On websites: Meonyou
Report:     here is the letter i was sent after contacting her.. Hello, George! Thank you very much for the interest to me and letter. Your letterinterested me and I hope to hear from you again. You are nice man, Ifeel this! I have the good intuition. I am 24 years old, single, haveno children. I am studying in the University on economy department. Iwill graduate it in two years. One of my hobbies is Psychology and Iread a lot of books about it. I work in little firm as a secretary,because I have to pay for my study by myself. I live in a little flatin the little town Dzerginskoe(Donetsk region). The city is nice andquite, but I miss my second part! It is so enjoyable to be with theloved person. That is why I am here and want to find my true love orjust communication. It would be nice to meet one day. Do you agreewith me? I love flowers very much. Especially white lilies and roses.I love sea and beaches, sky and sun... I love life!!! I am a bit ofromantic. During the warm spring and hot summer I love to hike, andcamp under the stars with that special someone. I love walking in thewarm summers rain getting soaked to the skin and holding and kissing.: ) I love walking hand in hand on the beach at sunset, sittingwatching the waves break on the shore laying back and gazing at thestars above and enjoying my partner. During the cold winter months youwill find me indoors where it is warm. : ) Do you like thesethings.??? Some more questions for you : ) Are you ready for a seriousrelationship? What color you like the most? Do you dance? What sort offood and drinks do you like? Do you like to read? Which book you likethe most? Why? What kind of music do you like? What are the dreams inyour heart? Oh, may be enough!!! : ) I.m sorry, I asking a lot ofquestions, but I think it.s the best way to discover each other. Well,I.m ending my letter for a now. If you have questions for me I'llpromise that I will answer you any (any?! yes, any!) question you askme of course if you promise will be a gentleman :-)Best wishes, Vera
Status of report: is still without proof