Scam report about Jane Michelle Grey

First name:  Jane Michelle
Last name:  Grey
Age:  31 and somewhere else 35
Location:  Santa Monica Us and London England
On websites: and
Report:  After 19 email, I figured out today that she was a good scammer. Thta was the last conversation we had by yahoo messenger: babyjanegrei appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in. You can also send a message to babyjanegreis mobile device. Send an SMS Message (Ctrl+T) You currently appear offline to babyjanegrei. babyjanegrei: hi Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: hello babyjanegrei: guess you didnt notice i was on Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: no I diddnt babyjanegrei: i was just going to send you an email babyjanegrei: thought id check first Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So what news babyjanegrei: what news? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Bad or good news from your side babyjanegrei: ill be fine, nevermind babyjanegrei: didnt really understood your email about the wine tasting babyjanegrei: sorry about the wine production* Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I am not tasting wine I am producing wine. babyjanegrei: i did make the correction babyjanegrei: if you dont wish to talk now say so Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Sorry if you didnt....anyway its finished and Ill have about 5000 bottle for this year babyjanegrei: you seem saucy Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Sorry but saucy means? babyjanegrei: never mind, do you wish to talk or not? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: of course yes Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Are u in a bad mood? babyjanegrei: im sorry, im not just in the mood babyjanegrei: thought talkin with you would make me feel better babyjanegrei: brb Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Well I have call my lawyer in London he is ready to give all the assistance you may have need of babyjanegrei: lol babyjanegrei: and what is it you think your lawyer can do for me? babyjanegrei: i just met you and youre showing off already Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: No ideas but I can do a lot as all the people I know around the world babyjanegrei: well if your lawyer works for a company that will take my pictures or shoot a commercial and pay me that will do babyjanegrei: It all seems like bad luck, ive never been on such a streak before babyjanegrei: I came here for a job that was mine, got here and it was given to a younger model( like losing it wasnt bad enough) Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Dear I am not showing off, I have said a couple of time to call me or give a numeber were I can call, I have told you I ready to help I am here so just tell me what I have or may do for you its as simple as that babyjanegrei: Ive been for 5 auditions and havent booked anyone babyjanegrei: i keep extending my stay which my budget doesnt allow, just so i can stay for another audition hoping to book it and still i lose it babyjanegrei: now i got a call this morning telling me to come for a sure job in 2 weeks Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: for god sake if things doesnt work then you should tell me what you need or how I can help you babyjanegrei: I can barely stay till next week with what i have, I have too many expenses back home on the beauty parlor to go back home empty handed babyjanegrei: see what i mean?! Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Listen it would be more pratical if we could talk and not write but its your choice babyjanegrei: cos its all weird to me why you want to help someone you havent met babyjanegrei: i asked you to come here for a weekend and you wont babyjanegrei: you still want to help me, why? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: You have asked me when? babyjanegrei: I did ask you to come for a weekend in my email babyjanegrei: if then you helped me when i was with you, i t would be nice and id appreciate it Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I have been helping a lot of people in life....In the vast things I do I have some hundres of orphans around the world and I have learned in my life what means to be can I say lost...its not the word I would use but it can give a quick pic of my thinking babyjanegrei: Im sorry if i went off wrong Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Sorry but I did get that email1 babyjanegrei: its a nice thing you do babyjanegrei: and dont get me wrong, i need financial help righ tnow and its not like i dont think you wont help me babyjanegrei: its just that youre poking me in the face with it Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I have had opportunity and chances in my life and I do not forget if a penny could rise in a kid face a smile and the hope for a futur money have no meaning hope you understand that Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: poking? babyjanegrei: well if i asked that you come to England next weekend would you? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: My kids are coming on saturday and we have 2 birthdays on monday we are all in lyon and I could come on wendsday babyjanegrei: next wednesday? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: yes babyjanegrei: or next 2 wednesdays? babyjanegrei: if you came, would you stay for the weekend? id like if you were around for my auditions Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: yes I can do that babyjanegrei: so you see how they go babyjanegrei: really? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I have call a friend in Milan and if I had your pictures he would be delighted to find something for you Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: so you see how they mean? babyjanegrei: sounds amazing babyjanegrei: the process i go through during the auditions, never midn i just want you to be there Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: you know people who have no power specak about it people who really have it do say a word about it Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: you forgot I know a bit about it since the mun of my kids was a well knowned top model babyjanegrei: i was going to mention that just now Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: anyway listen to me tell me what I have to do and Ill do at the best I can Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So thats why I have some friends ex was the prefered one of helmut N. Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Sound strange to me that each time I propose to talk u refuse? babyjanegrei: sorry connection scambled babyjanegrei: scrambled* Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: i am here babyjanegrei: k babyjanegrei: ok... now im going to ask for a favour? babyjanegrei: dont freak ok babyjanegrei: im only asking cos im sure youre coming right? babyjanegrei: you are coming? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: tell me babyjanegrei: you are coming right? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: If you wish so....since right now I am a bit lost babyjanegrei: ? babyjanegrei: youre lost? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: yes i do not follow u 100 % babyjanegrei: if you dont wish to come, it wont change what we are on here babyjanegrei: ok see this Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: if you wish ill babyjanegrei: I was going to ask you for a favour this morning babyjanegrei: but i didnt know how to Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: just ask babyjanegrei: i didnt want to cos i barely knew you babyjanegrei: wait babyjanegrei: and you kept talking abotu wanting to help and that was a bit weird babyjanegrei: thats why i asked if youd come here babyjanegrei: besides that im lonely and itd be nice if you were around babyjanegrei: with me here till i went back home babyjanegrei: Im sorry if youre confused but i think i understand Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: so what is the favor? babyjanegrei: is that it? babyjanegrei: wats the favour? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: You asked me if you could ask me a favor...and I said whisch one. Now if its to come over fine babyjanegrei: thats the favour babyjanegrei: ok then welll Okay, dont freak but can you loan me 2350 pounds today till you come? my agent assured me the job would be mine, and youll be around with me here. I want to pay for where Im staying, yes i know its pricey. I thought I booked the job and I went overboard. I was scared to ask you and ill understand if you cant do it. Please dont freak but i really need this favour Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: And you asked me what could do my lawyer? Ok but i need to talk to yousince i am not ready to disclose any names or phones by internet which are not my personal. babyjanegrei: you sound liek thats all you want to do babyjanegrei: help me, how about coming to see me and spending time with me babyjanegrei: that receiving a favour from you wouldnt help babyjanegrei: you helping would make me felt debted to you thats why i asked you to come, ok? babyjanegrei: do you understand now? babyjanegrei: if it were your friend, thats be nice babyjanegrei: you talking about lawyer made it sound like it was a business proposal babyjanegrei: sweets, i understand if you cant help ok cos i feel too awkward already Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: My lawyer is a very good friend and a person which oprate in my behalf.... babyjanegrei: well id rather do it with you babyjanegrei: ill go call you from a pay phone babyjanegrei: as soon asi get out Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Stop it and the only way I have to send you money is just to give them into your hand trough that friend. babyjanegrei: stop what? babyjanegrei: I got booted sorry Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So sorry the line just went down. babyjanegrei: stop what anyways? babyjanegrei: same here babyjanegrei: im not meeting your lawyer sorry babyjanegrei: forget about it ok Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I feel you are exasperated...òthere is a solution to everything just not to death so.... babyjanegrei: its fine babyjanegrei: im more than out of patience Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: so tell me how could i send you 2.500 pounds? babyjanegrei: you have no idea what ive beenthrough this last couple of days babyjanegrei: that i had to ask you for financial energy babyjanegrei: we both know its unheard of Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: probably i have and that is why i am right here Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: of... Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Again you need money ok where do I send it? babyjanegrei: Jane Michelle Gray babyjanegrei: wait babyjanegrei: 14:13] v.bogoyavlensky: probably i have and that is why i am right here babyjanegrei: what did that mean? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Nothing bad...just that I am here and present litening to you and trying to help thats all Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So Mrs. Grey were do I have to send the money? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: If u need it today I should move quickly.... Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Jane are u there? babyjanegrei: you coming would make me feel a whole lot guiltier, i guess babyjanegrei: i got the boot again babyjanegrei: do you know about western union? babyjanegrei: ive used it twice before here Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Look I said you if you wish I could come I didnt say I am coming just by my own then u said youy need it straight away before I was suppose to come now....ok I am not coming if you would feel guilter, and for what guity? babyjanegrei: hey! babyjanegrei: if youre not coming, im not taking your money babyjanegrei: i didnt mean guilty babyjanegrei: you should understand babyjanegrei: its just that youre helping me in an almost unbelieveable way and i just want you to come here babyjanegrei: if i didnt need this and we grew to care for each other, what makes you think you wouldnt be flying to the us to come see me or the other way round? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So lets do it that way...I take you out of the problems and then I come to visit u in the us. babyjanegrei: why not here? babyjanegrei: you can still come to the us babyjanegrei: you said you werent busy babyjanegrei: its not about how i feel about you helping me babyjanegrei: itll be fun for both of us here and youknow it Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Jane I am from an old aristocratical family... babyjanegrei: and youre saying? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: means that gentleman have to behave in a certain way babyjanegrei: you were fine with coming here earlier babyjanegrei: is it because of me saying id feel guilty babyjanegrei: i just didnt know how to put it Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I do not want to feel obbliged and to make feel other obbliged babyjanegrei: i understand babyjanegrei: Promise me youll come to cali Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: One thing is an help and another thing is to care about someone... Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: cali? babyjanegrei: california? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: ok california....yes I do babyjanegrei: the us, you just said youd come babyjanegrei: oh ok Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So we are back to where we started...were do I have to send the help? babyjanegrei: what time is it there? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: 15.30 babyjanegrei: 4.30? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: 3.30 babyjanegrei: Jane Michelle gray London, uk se28 0ja babyjanegrei: you can send it via western union, theyll take my passport Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Well W.U ask for details in Italy for some anti..... rules Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: se 28 Oja means? babyjanegrei: its 2.38 here babyjanegrei: anti rules? babyjanegrei: thats the zipcode babyjanegrei: but im not sure youll need that Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Transaction for more than 100o€ are subject to restrictions and full detailed informations about the correspondent in another country Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Thats why the simplest way was to see my lawyer babyjanegrei: 1000 euros ? babyjanegrei: oh Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: on more than 1000 per day you need full details I have not made thoses rules babyjanegrei: can you send 1000 to me and 1000 to my friend? babyjanegrei: would they allow that? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I can try Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: You hace a freind there? babyjanegrei: Emily spencer babyjanegrei: well, housemate babyjanegrei: just didnt think that was polite enough babyjanegrei: I dont know her very well but i can ask that favour babyjanegrei: she always wants to help me babyjanegrei: i want to go try and look for a western union shop around, how soon do you think you will able to get it out here? babyjanegrei: are we okay? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: yes I am on the phone with the W.U out here babyjanegrei: ok babyjanegrei: are you doing it online? i found out theyve got that too Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: no by phone babyjanegrei: ok babyjanegrei: theyve got this numbers they give out too for each wire transfer Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: For any ammount you need to know name, surname, full adress a phone number babyjanegrei: mine or yours? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Yours Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: mine are obvious babyjanegrei: i can give you my 2 way but they cant call it babyjanegrei: 70 miles drive, west thamesmead, london, se28 0ja. United kingdom babyjanegrei: Jane Michelle Gray 70 miles drive, west thamesmead, london, se28 0ja. United kingdom Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: ok babyjanegrei: +447925146798 Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So Ill do that tomorrow morning since the bank are close now....8.30/9.00 I send that out. babyjanegrei: sorry i didnt know it off the top of my hea babyjanegrei: d Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: What is that number? babyjanegrei: its my 2way number Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: can they call you on that? babyjanegrei: no they cant , i just told you Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Ok Ill see what I can do Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: for that babyjanegrei: why not today babyjanegrei: i thought you were sending it over the phone? babyjanegrei: the lady already came over and i told her shed get her money today babyjanegrei: now i gotta lie again, please babyjanegrei: the guest house lady babyjanegrei: cant you go to a store? babyjanegrei: sorry for pressuring?? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: because I have not in cash all that ammount Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: and u have to give them cash babyjanegrei: atm cards? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: give me the guest house lady number and Ill call her Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I do not think she will get unhappy if she gets them tomorrow babyjanegrei: no?! Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So it is allright for tomorrow? babyjanegrei: i told her yesterday, then i told her today babyjanegrei: if i tell her today, she might go rackets Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Sorry I didnt know until 1 hour ago Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Look I have call Jerry in London and he could give you right away 15oo punds...u just go to pick them up babyjanegrei: i asked for 2,350pounds Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Yes I know but you need them right now and he has too to go to the bank sorry...the rset will follow babyjanegrei: sweets youre tryna help me and i feel ike im making it hard on you already babyjanegrei: calling your lawyer jerry wont make me go meet him babyjanegrei: i told you already babyjanegrei: if its not you, im not going sorry babyjanegrei: Youre lawyer should send the money via western union to where i am babyjanegrei: i dont care babyjanegrei: your lawyer* Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: To take an enveloppe? babyjanegrei: youll get all your money back including the fees or you can just subtract the fees from what hes sending babyjanegrei: sweets im not meeting anyone, sorry babyjanegrei: i hate that we are doing this babyjanegrei: i wish we just alked like yesterday Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: So ok you make it hard and I am sorry the only way I have is to send it tomorrow morning. A wire from Switzerland will take 2 days so...cant help it....I have tryed all the possibilities Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Look dont offend me with...youll get all your money back including the fees or you can just subtract the fees from what hes sending....I dont want anything no fees no interest nothing....if I do it and I have try hardly in the past hour to solve a problem it is just to help point!!!!!!is that clear enough? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Jane I am sorry but we are wasting time...Ill send you the money tomorro at the first hour I cannot find any other solution and I must go now. Tell me what I have to do? babyjanegrei: i dont know babyjanegrei: how much will be able to send tomorrow? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Ok I am just waiting? babyjanegrei: whre are you going to? babyjanegrei: ill feel better if we talked about something else before you left Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I have some workers to be paid babyjanegrei: im sorry babyjanegrei: youre an hour ahead Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: yes babyjanegrei: im sorry if i pushed, just a little inpatient babyjanegrei: how much and how soon will you send the money tomorrow Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: first hour babyjanegrei: can you send all 2,350 pds? babyjanegrei: please?? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Yes ill do that babyjanegrei: whats do you mean by first hour? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: the bank opening is 8.30 babyjanegrei: you can add my housemates sisters name incase babyjanegrei: bridget spencer Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Ok babyjanegrei: emily spencer babyjanegrei: jane michelle gray Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: in case of what babyjanegrei: if they wont let you send more than 1000 euros to one name babyjanegrei: i dont know what the exchange rate is but i know pounds is the highest babyjanegrei: Vladimir, I really do appreciate this. I mean it babyjanegrei: And i would have really made it worth your while if you came to london but i understand your gentlemen policy babyjanegrei: but i think sometimes you should just let loose and enjoy the ride babyjanegrei: are you still there? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: yes Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: just a second Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I need 10 minutes babyjanegrei: ok babyjanegrei: im here Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: sorry I had someone coming unexpected babyjanegrei: alright Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: so where we were? babyjanegrei: you were talking about go away to pay workers and i was askingyou to stay a while longer babyjanegrei: then you went off for 10mins Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: yes Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: fine so i an going to fix things tomorrow morning....U have exausted me....but i am happy i am going to solve u problem babyjanegrei: im sorry i got you tired babyjanegrei: have you had lunch? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: no babyjanegrei: what are you getting? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: I am not in the mood to eat babyjanegrei: cos of what weve talking about? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: No I am not even thinking about it.... babyjanegrei: well what did you have this morning? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: A coffe babyjanegrei: nothing solid, why? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: no Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: no time babyjanegrei: well what are you doing now? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Not much thinking babyjanegrei: get a bagel babyjanegrei: or something babyjanegrei: what are you thinking about? Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: many things its a caleidoscope of colors and thoughts Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: and in which kind of world we do live Vladimir Bogoyavlensky: Ok dear Ill go take care

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