Scam report about Kate Kutis

First name:  Kate
Last name:  Kutis
Aka:  Laura Bradley
Age:  25
Location:  Lagos Nigeria, London UK
Phone:  +44 7011141064
On websites:  Love & Seek
Report:  This beautiful girl contacted me through Love & Seek Christian Dating Service. We started our conversations there but she wanted to move them to Yahoo Instant Messenger and away from the web site. Her story goes like this; She is a model that was stranded in Nigeria. Her employer refused to pay her what she was owed and she was desperate to get out and requested money to do so. Unfortunately, I was drawn into her lies and got her enough to get to London. She somehow got me to start sending money to London UK to her name as Kate Kutis, which was supposed to be my proof that she was really there. But she never made her flight out of London claiming that a Nigerian named Curtis Otiotio wouldnt release her flight tickets until the money she owed to him was paid. So I paid her debts and even after this payment, she failed to get on the flight. When confronted about this she said that he ripped us off, and didnt release the flight tickets in time. So now she is stranded in London. I suggested that she get a job at a pub to get the money for her flight. She says that she did this, and that the owner wanted to have sex with her, so she quit. Claiming that her modeling employer agreed to send me some of her money, she even went so far as to have someone from Indinapolis Indiana UPS me $2500 in fake counterfeit American Express Travelers Checks. I found out by going directly to American Express and having them checked out. So at this point there was no money to send to her. So next she wants me to send my own money to get her a flight from London the the US, and has promised me that she will pay me everything back after she arrives. I found her on your site, and now know that she is simply scamming me for more money. She claims to be a good Christian so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she has gotten involved with the wrong people due to lack of finances, and had no money to live, so she used these scams to get out of Nigeria, but now she is supposedly stuck in London UK. I really dont know what the real story is, but I have lost a lot with this one.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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