First name: Julia
Last name: Valyaeva
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine Kiev
Address: 114 Krasnoarmeyskaya str #136
Phone: 380506813464
Email: hugofsun@yahoo lfresiya@yahoo both deleted and who knows what she is using now.
On websites: GO-TO-UKRAINE.COM both owned by the same as*shole Vasiliy Prokopchuk
Report:     I met Julia on couple me in Janurary 2006.After very nice correspondence for 7 months I went to visit her in July 2006 in Kiev.I had no idea what a gold digger was so when I was there all seemed normal.I am a very giving man by nature and I thought it would be nice to buy her nice gifts and some for the family.While there I also paid for some expensive dental work for her (I will include a request for money for dental work).She received a very nice cell phone,a washer dryer for her parents and the best restaurants to dine at.When I left I had $1000 local currency plus in U.S. greenbacks which I left.She also got my portable dvd player.Up to my visit I bought her english lessons plus paid for translations through this club then I find out that there were 5 other men doing the same not long ago.When I returned home I was sending her money via western union for everyday living this really adds up.I saw a report on her from another man who went to see her in Janurary and she according to him was very cold and she was very afraid that somebody would see her with him.I almost forgot to include that she over the course of our relationship received several packages from me which include very nice gifts including victorias secret which I will include pictures.The money and the gifts are important to me but what really hurts is the lying she was very good not to say she loved me in her letters but always over the phone in the 150 plus calls we had since my return.She was working with a friend of hers named Katerina at this club and for some reason the owner does not think he is responsible however I have already filed charges against all in Kiev and my Attorney in Kiev tells me all charges will stick and all involved will be punished.This lady is very beautiful and uses her sexuality to her advantage she was pretty good but not good enough.
Status of report: is still without proof