Scam report about Yana Potapova

First name:  Yana
Last name:  Potapova
Aka:  Polina Dubrovina
Age:  29
Location:  Tuymen Russia
On websites:  City of Brides
Report:  Hello First, I didnt find out how to enclose photos here, but if you give me an e-mailaddress, Ill be happy to send you several photos I want to report this scammer, Yana, previously known to you as Polina Dubrovina. She contacted me on August 14th through the site. Id like this to be reported. I have two more scammers to report later. Greetings, Dag After four letters, always enclosing photos of herself, she started having feelings for me, this is the eight letter: Hello Dag!It is fine to see your letter in my letter box...My girlfriends on work speak, that I became absent-minded and likelyhave fallen in love with whom - that. And I dont know what to tellhim about it...I dont know, whom I deceive. Them or? Since I began to receive yourletters, I have only one idea. Whether it is valid probably? And now Iwant to tell to you one phrase. There can be you, will think, that itis silly or too fast.I love you Dag! You - what I searched! You are a man with which Iwant to lead my life. I am sure, that I have found my second half. Andeverything, that I want to learn, whether your feelings are mutual.I really should know it. Probably, you think, that I a lunatic. Butbelieve me, Im not a lunatic. I speak that I feel. I speak you in allsincerity. Only please it is not necessary to me to lie, tell to meabout your feelings to me. Please dont keep me waiting. I only wantto know the truth and only the truth.My love, I went in Travel agency for finding-out of rules of entrancein Norway. the agent has in detail explained to me full details. Onregistration of my documents it is required approximately from 10 till14 days. After that I fly to Norway. on all this is necessary near 600euro. my love I have no such money. I do not know as me to beand where to take money? My earnings in a month makes 300 very little. From this money me suffices only to pay my apartmentand to buy the foodstuffs. I do not know that to me now to do. I canprobably arrive to you not soon. ........ Yes weather here in the winter very coldly. Approximately-40 C in thewinter. The winter begins in October and comes to an end in April. Inthe summer here too it is enough hot. near 30 C.I hope, that you will answer my letter as soon as it will be possible.I wait with impatience.With love Yana.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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