First name: Sandral
Last name: Smith
Age: 30
Location: Canada
Report:     Hello Thanks for The email You send to me, I am very glad to hear from you,before saying any thing about me i will want you to be serious with me,,cos am not here for games, My name is Sandral Smith,,am 30 years old,, I was born in Alberta Canada, But mostly spend my life in UK cos that were my dad owns his company, My Dad is from Dallas Texas in Usa. While my mum is from Alberta canada, I was born in Edmonton some years ago. I Lost my parent in a motto accident, last year and since then I have been alone, I attended the Metropolitan University in England Uk, were I study banking and finance, After my parent death I couldn't get hold of any of my parent property just Because of what my dad wrote on his WILL............ His Lawyer Refuse to Release all my Dad property to me just because of what my Dad wrote on his WILL'S, and I have not been able to have access to is company in Uk to o and even all the fund's in his account about 9.5million usd, his houses both the one in Canada and Texas, cos I was told to be with a man before I can have access to all these things........ Really I have promise not to get married in the Wicked earth for a purpose. I have been Hurt before and these is the reason why I have to be very carefull been with a man these time arround, I mean I have to try to meet the man who is ready to stay forever cos I hate Divorce in My life, I never wants to get married twice.......... So that why I am willing to be with a very honest, gentle and caring man who is ready to have Kids and Build our future together, I mean a man who is not ready for Divorce and no matter were the man his am ready to be with him if he his ready to be with him if he his ready to be with me forever. Rightnow I am not working yet but gone out of the country for missionary work and willing to get back to my country and get married to the rightman who is ready to be with me forever...... I will be glad to hear from you soon here is my Picture down there ..........sandral smith -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't let your dream ride pass you by. Make it a reality with Yahoo! Autos. Attachments Photos: Scan and Save to Computer sandral.jpg (28k) [View]
Status of report: is still without proof