Scam report about Ruth Tony

First name:  Ruth
Last name:  Tony
Aka:  Luryn
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
Report:  hello dear ok daer if yu can help me some money beacuses i have already have some few money with me . iam just want yu to know that if yu can help some so that i can come to meet yu very safelt time ok daer . i hope that yu will do for yur lovely one . i want to meet yu now ok dear beacuses ther is some spcials things we can not shall all the time unlees we meet so that we can shall the rest of our life time together ok dear Paul William wrote: Ruth Do you have the money to come to me? luryn tony wrote: DEAR RICH, SWEETHEART YOU MADE ME FEEL LIKE A QUEEN IMMEDIATELY I FINISHED READING YOUR LETTER .YOU THE ONLY MAN THAT I THINK ABOUT .I WONT YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND MY DESTINY.YOU HAVE STOLEN MY HEART AND I WONT TO SHARE THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU LOVELY.WHEN I COME TO I PROMISE TO TAKECARE OF ALL HOUSE HOLD CARE,COOK FOR YOU MY DEAR,SUPPORT YOU ANYTIME AND ANY DAY AND MAKE YOU HAPPY OK MY LOVE.I WILL SATEFY YOU SEXUALLY AND MAKE YOU CUM THAN NO ONE WILL EVER HAD.I AM A WOMAN WHO HAS ALL THE TAENTED PARTS THAN ANY WOMAN IN THE EARTH.I WILL COOK FOR YOU AND CARE YOU AND I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN LOVELY.I WILL COMFORT YOU AND PLEASE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.I WILL COMFORT YOU WHEN YOU A ANGRY AND SHARE COOK FOR YOU WHEN YOU A HUNGRY.DARLING EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A PAASSPORT,AND I WILL ALSO NEED A VISA BEFORE I CAN GO IN FOR A PLNE TICKET OK TO COME TO YOU.BESIDE I WILL ALSO NEED SOME MONEY FOR THE AIRPORT TAXES AND MY DECLEARATION COST. SO YOU SEE ,I CANT JUST FLY TO YOU LIKE THAT.BUT FOR NOW I HAVE WORKED HARDER AND SAVE SOME MONEY WHICH CAN BE ATLEAST EQUEVALENT TO HALF THE COST OF COMINGTO YOU.I LOVE YOU DARLING.SO WHY DONT WE ARRANGE TO MEET WELL IF YOU CAN SUPPORT WITH THE REST OF THE MONEY? I WONT YOU SO MUCH MY DARLING AND I WILL ETERNI TY WITH YOU. TAKEGOOD CARE OF YOURSELF HONEY. YOURS LOVELY RUTH Paul William wrote: Ruth Are you ready to come to me? If you sure about this and you got your passport, then all you need to do is come to the Airport and get your non-fundable ticket. Let me know. Richard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Park yourself in front of a world of choices in alternative vehicles. Visit the Yahoo! Auto Green Center.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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