Scam report about EKATERINA SEMENOVA

First name:  EKATERINA
Last name:  SEMENOVA
Age:  31
Address:  P.O. 56 MEDVEDEVO, RUSSIA 425200
On websites:  YAHOO.COM
Report:  Surname: Semenova Name: Ekaterina City: Medvedevo Country: Russia Postal: P.O.Box 56.......425200 Initially, she contacted me out of the clear blue from a site I had visited. She claimed to live in Zvenigovo but worked in Medvedevo at the Red October confectionery company as a bookeeper. Off hand, I cannot remember the name of the site. She moved in for the kill when I brought up the subject of visiting her and she demanded that I come right away. If I could not come right away then she could not wait. Instead, I offered her a platonic friendship and to come over to the states for a visit then she demanded that I send her money for a visa immediately. I believe there is some guy helping her...maybe a boyfriend but she goes to the internet café at least two times a she doesn’t have a phone. If I am able to come up with anymore information I will forward it too you. She stated she would not give me anymore of her time as soon as I confronted her with evidence that she could be a scammer. In addition, I could see that some man was helping her as evidenced by the shadow in one of her pictures where she is wearing a bathing suit. When I asked her for an explanation she stated that she should not have to give me one and that I should trust her. At this point, our email exchanges ceased and I was very fortunate to find your site because I never sent her any money like she had wanted me to. She wanted me to send $600.00 U.S.D. via Western Union. Thankyou for making information on these scammers accessible. I used my brothers name...which is Duane when I first starting emailing her because I am actually looking for someone for him not myself. So, she always addressed me as Duane except once when she forgot. thankyou! She claims her hometown is Zvenigovo and that she lives in Medvedevo Russia. I asked her to make a picture in a bathing suit because I was not sure if it was her or a man writing me with her pictures. It does look like her and she really got mad when I confronted her about the mans shadow..............and decided she did not have to prove anything to me and that she would not give me any more of her time. So, I guess some man is in on it with her is all I can guess. She did not expect me to pay any attention to the male shadow in the picture...LOL Thank you for setting up your site...I would not have been able to figure it out otherwise! :O) Letter Duane to me the price of the passport for travel abroad of 210 dollars, the price of the medical insurance of 180 dollars have told that the price of the visa in your country of 270 dollars., on all documents what to arrive to you to me it would be necessary to pay 660 dollars, these are very big money and I not when I can not economy of such money. The visa will be valid for 3 months and I can take on work a vacation for 2 months, but only official registration of papers will take away 2 weeks and the rest of the time I can be with you. Yes certainly I would want that we have met you at once as soon as I shall receive documents because I am tired to wait and I would want that we were a number now. I understand that friends speak you that in Russia many women who write letters only because of money, but you probably itself understand that in each country there are bad people and it is impossible to think of all people poorly. I do not understand that could use my address because I do not have friends with such name. But I wrote to you that I take this apartment in rent and probably here other woman lived earlier, but I not that do not know about it. To me have told that the visa to issue it is possible, but only tourist and me it will be necessary to tell in embassy that I would arrive to your country what only to see beautiful places of your country, I should not speak that I arrive to you. I hope that you understand me. I wish you good day. Duane my dear I is glad to receive your letter. I understand that travel to your country very expensive but you would know most important it what to issue all documents, for this purpose time too is necessary and I would think that the best the decision it that I now not hurrying up have issued all documents, and then later when you will have money to the air ticket that I shall arrive to you and we can will meet and to be together. I think that it is the best variant. I understand that you now may not pay all travel but if I shall make documents that so it will be easier at any time to us with you will meet, I think that you with me agree. You now frequently write me about other men, I wrote to you earlier that I do not have another the man and I write letters only to you and I would want that we have met and were together it sincerely.Yes we in Medvedevo have a western union and I can receive this money. I very much would want that we with you I have met and hope that it will be fast. You will understand it only when we shall meet you. Duane I am very glad that you have written to me because I yesterday came in the Internet of cafe but your letter were not. I understand that you work much and because of it could not write to me. My dear you ask me a photo in a bathing suit. I have already written to you in the last letter that I shall make for you such photo only when shall begin to legalize papers. You have written to me that you may send money now and as soon as I shall receive your money that I at once shall begin to make out all documents and I shall make at this time to you a photo about which you ask me. You would ask me that I have learned the address of the western union, I went on post office because there there is a western union and I was told that you should write that send money to Russia medvedevo and to write my full name and a surname and so I can receive money. At us is not present moneygram but to me have told that moneygram is present in the next city. My dear write to me please in the following letter when you can send this money because I should take a vacation for some days what to begin to make out all documents, I hope that you understand me. You have written to me in the letter that you will send me a gift, it will be a bathing suit??? I am correct you have understood??? I was very glad to read such words with such my beauty simply it is necessary to love and respect what such beauty always was a number, you understand me??? My dear when we shall be together that you will see and not only to see but also feel all my beauty and kindness with tenderness. I hope that to you pleasantly it to read. The first link is where I joined a dating agency that was for free...right after I joined she emailed me and we started sending letters back and forth...I now believe she or he is fishing in the early morning hours in Russia for unsuspecting Westerners.

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