Scam report about Olga Filina

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Filina
Aka:  Olga Kurguzkina
Age:  True age 46 but will be anything from 41 to 46
Location:  Kazakhstan, Almaty
Address:  480113, Rimskogo-Korsakova h.3, Flat 156, Almaty
Phone:  007 701 785 5073
On websites:’, ‘’ and
Report:  POSSIBLE CRUISER SCAMMER Dear Reader To protect others I would like to flag up some problems I have sadly experienced on with an OLGA KURGUSKINA (MRS) from Kazkhstan (DOB 12 January 1961.) Things came to ahead on May 8th and in many ways confirmed my worst fears when having purchased flight tickets I was asked to (yet again) send her money this time for childminding costs which had never been an issue before when she has travelled to the UK. I said not a problem I would give her the money (i.e. ‘sort it’ was the expression I used) next week when we met up. Oh no this time it was a clear case of send me the money or we are over! I made my choice to end the relationship with Olga. However, since this blew up I have come across her under different name of OLGA FILINA with a DOB of 12 January,1964 and an e-mail address of ‘’. She was using these details on ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’. Below is the text of the e-mail that I wrote to her expecting to receive a very strong denial which summarises events: Olga, Up until now I have behaved with love, understanding and total respect to you at all times and been prepared to accept that we would have our Russian and English moments. While I have been prepared and still would be to forgive you the same attitude has not been forthcoming from you. This has caused me to wonder why? The decent woman you say you are would have acted in the best interests of her family and here in the UK Masha’s future would be far better than that that awaits her in Kazakhstan. So why would someone who professes to want to do what is best for their family stay in Kazakhstan? Perhaps because your income from all sources in Kazakhstan, can exceed your possible UK income and secure a bigger house, car etc. I am sadly reaching the same conclusions as my friends who believe that I have been duped by you and am almost certainly a possible victim of what is called a ‘Cruiser Scamming’ for in the cold light of day it would appear that my unwillingness to send you money rather than give you the money when you were with me is the sole cause of your reaction. Perhaps I am being naive or love struck in not seeing the signs such as: 1. You appear on more than one internet dating site. Your use of other sites became apparent when I tracked your internet transactions on my computer it established your active use of other dating sites even while you were in my home! No doubt others being told sorry I am not at home but working in where ever and have lost x, y, z etc! 2. Your demands to send you money rather than for you to put it on your Visa card and let me willingly re-imburse you when you are in the UK. Equally the number of times you had cause to indirectly ask me for money broken this lost camera, suitcase, telephone, computer, dictionary, lost coat, child problems etc. Strange how everything that could possibly give you a cause to ask for money somehow happened to you? 3. Your total unwillingness to let me holiday with you in Almaty. This is despite the fact that Almaty is highly rated in UK travel circles, books etc! 4. Your lifestyle (expensive clothes, frequent travel outside of Almaty etc) far exceeds your legitimate stated income source of US $1,000 per month. How can some one supposedly struggling to look after their family could spend US $ 600 plus on bedding for themselves as you did in January? It will be interesting to see what response you do to this e-mail and depending on it I feel that I may need to take some necessary steps to protect others from your calculating ways. The response: Hello, Robert. It was very nice of you to show to me your real face. I can offer you to meet in September, when Im in London with Slava for the medical consultation. So, you will be able to ask me all your questions and maybe you will be quite satisfied with my answers. Many kisses, Olga. Surely a decent Russian lady would have denied what I had said in my letter? For the first time since May 8th one of her few e-mails ends with many kisses! Equally when I said okay I will meet you the e-mail correspondence simply stopped. Her core details are as follows: Full name: Olga Kurguzkina or Olga Filina Marital Status: Divorced. Date of Birth: 12th January 1961 (or 12th January 1964 as Olga Filina) Full Home Address: 480113, Rimskogo-Korsakova h.3, Flat 156, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Telephone Number: 007 701 785 5073 Passport Number: 4890847, Date of issue: 13th March, 2006. (Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.) Date of expiry 12th March, 2016. Visa Details: UK495169F (multiple entry) from 23.05.06 till 23.05.07. Type of Visa C. The fact that she had and has this type of Visa is unusual and points to her being a Cruiser Scammer. Namely some one who will travel to another country (usually at your expense) and allow herself to be lavished with gifts and attention – sadly I did fall into this trap namely lavish gifts, good hotels and excellent meals out. Cruiser Scammers on their return to their home country will invariably have another correspondent offering her yet another fully paid visit to their country. Be warned.

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