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First name:  Olga
Last name:  Ostapenko
Age:  28
Location:  Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
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Report:  Hello readers, I had only found this site by accident, I was looking for a name of a place in Russia. When I noticed this site. I have already been saved, as I looked through the photos and saw a woman I was E-mailing. So I can know, string!! her along for a while instead of me. I am also Going to tell you about another one, read for yourselfs and decide. I am starting from Letter> 13 Unlucky for some. ***** ****** ****** ***** reply-to Olga ( 03.10.07 8.06am Letter> 13 Hello my Loved Eliot This letter will be very short..... I went to travel agency again and I have learnt rather visa reception the exact information: For this purpose what to receive the visa I I should tell in embassy to whom I wish to arrive. I have told your name, they have told, that I should know about you more exact information (the full, exact address, a full exact surname and a name, and a date of birth) As to me in travel agency have told that that it is necessary to tell the airport name! What you have thoughts and imaginations about that bottom when you will meet me? Inform me please on it. Dear, I have a considerable quantity of ideas, how we can spend together our time. But I want that you Have incurred responsibility and have prepared the plan as we will spend time together at you! reply-to Olga ( 04.10.07 6.27am Letter>14 Hi, my dear Eliot!!!! It is a good day! I am glad that my messages make you happy, dear. How are you? Everything is fine with me. I couldn’t sleep yesterday. I thought about our meeting. It is a glad event for me and I have such a lot of emotions on this ground as an excitement and a big impatience and an expectation of this day. You brought a sea of emotions to my life Eliot, and I can say that it gave me a new impulse and a purpose for life. I think, my sweet, that it is necessary to make our meeting so that there will not be any difficulties and an inconvenience in our deals. I will be able to take some several free days for us at my job. Eliot And will your work allow you to do so? Perhaps you have a tense work graph and you can’t leave it. I can understand you and so I could arrive to you for several days. As for me I have no problems to make a long journey. If such way is more suitable for you and my arrival doesn’t create any inconvenience for you Eliot, perhaps we will be able to choose this plan. This is better for me and I will be able to see how you live, your friends, to see your city and different loved for you places. My work is not so important and it can dispense without me. So I do not worry about it. Please, write me, my dear, your point of views about it! Today is a very important day. I worry much. I have got the invitation for a conversation with a commission which deals with the process of the visa’s granting. This is the most important part in a process of a reception of the visa. The commission will make its final decision after the conversation with me - to give me the visa or not. The Conversation is the most difficult part, but I am ready. I am finishing my letter. I am sending You all my tenderness Eliot. There is ONLY YOU in My Heart and My Soul! I am kissing you 1000 times. Yours Olga reply-to Olga ( 05.10.07 5.38am Letter>15 Hello, my sweet Eliot!!!!! I am very happy to speak with you again! Dear, I have good news to you! Today I have visited travelling agency! The visa is made! Thus I will receive the visa :-)! I should receive the visa in Moscow as we in a city do not have embassy of your country! I am going to receive the visa when I will arrive to Moscow to arrive to you! I there in embassy needed to put all that the signature and to receive the visa as for me all in agency have made also I as to you already wrote that that I have paid for the visa and for services of agency of 465 dollars!!!! And I should go to Moscow to receive the visa before arrival in you, my sweet!! I have been told in agency, that they will prepare my tickets within next day. Tomorrow I will go to agency to know about my tickets. All rises very much Quickly and well for me. The destiny helps me to be near to you:-) The darling Eliot I wait our meeting with you so for me the most important event, arrival to the loved person this very important event, I am very glad to it also the darling, Eliot, we soon will together!!!!! Loved Eliot all of you time in my thoughts!!!! I think of you and day and night, I dream of our meeting, I represent as I leave from the plane and you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of roses!!!!! And you know that that my flowers is roses!? I think the darling you will consider it at our meeting and will meet me at the airport with a bouquet of roses? On it the darling I finish my letter and I go home! I wait your messages, I kiss you!!! Yours Olga. reply-to Olga ( 05.10.07 6.28am Letter> 16 Hi, my dear Eliot! I am glad for your message and thank you that you understand me. You are one of that little part of people Eliot, in which I can find out an understanding. How did your day pass, dear? I hope that everything is fine! I met with a commission to pass an interview yesterday. I never thought that the commission will ask such unusual questions. They asked me about my sexual life, about children, about my job, about patriotism, about my attitudes to your country, about my religion and faith. I told them in detail about my life. I spoke about everything fairly. I was said that my answers were unexpected and as a rule much pretenders did not answer such questions so directly and openly. They were not getting accustomed to hear such answers, but they said that sincere and truthful answers are much more pleasing than words which go not from heart. Now I should wait for the decision. I agree with expression now: “Waiting to deaths worse than death”. I can not concentrate. They said that decision will be tomorrow. I so worry. I want to realize these small daydreams. I want just to see my beautiful friend. I think the God will help me. I want to meet with You Eliot. Please, pray for me. I worry so much. Bye my Love! I do not want to finish my letter, but I must. Yours Olga reply-to Olga ( 06.10.07 5.51am Letter> 18 Hi my dear Eliot! I▓m very glad to greet you once again and I am anxiously waiting for, when I▓ll be able to say you ⌠Hi■ personally. . thank you for tYA I visited an agency and I was said that tickets cost 1350 USD. It means the flight there and back. As soon as I pay money for tickets I will be informed about the date and the time of my flight. I must pay this money in the agency. Natasha has said me that it is necessary to go to the bank, to take the money and to pay it in the agency. I have said in the agency that I will pay this money in nearest days. So I▒ll go to the bank for money tomorrow, and then I will go to the agency to pay for tickets:-) I have reported you all news about an advancement of our meeting and now I have to rest. I am so tired today. I hope that I can embrace you very soon Eliot. I will wait for your messages my Love, my kiss and embrace!!! Yours Olga. reply-to Olga ( 08.10.07 5.08am Letter> 19 Hello, my sweet Eliot!!! I have some not good news. Since morning I have been having an excellent and merry mood. But my mood has become bad after I visited the bank. Today I have come to the bank to take the loan. But I was said that they couldn’t give me it. I was shocked! I entrusted my girlfriend’s friend who promised to help me with a reception of the loan. I asked him what’s happened, and he answered only that he did not know exactly. He was not said. Probably they are afraid to give me money because my salary is so small and so I will not be able to return money. People often take the money in our banks in our country and then some of them can not return money. And it is most likely that they are afraid of that such situation will happen with me. I have only 200 dollars. But I don’t know where I will take else 1150 USD. I must pay the money in the agency. But I don’t have this money!!! I hoped that bank would help me but… I feel much inconvenience when I tell you about my problem. BUT I did everything what I could. I paid for the visa. I spent much time and nerve when I made the visa. But this money is not enough. I did not want you to have any expenses. I thought that I would arrive to you for my own money, but unfortunately I couldn’t. Now I have to pay for the remaining portion of the amount in the agency. This is 1350 dollars. I much shame on you that I tell you about it. But I do not know what I can do in this situation. I don’t know where I can take such big money. I have the last hope - this is You. Please, help me with money for tickets. I understand that this is a difficult decision for You, but I think we should trust each other. Of course if You do not want, You may not help me. I will loss my money. I will not be able to arrive to You. THIS IS ALSO NOT GOOD. I paid 465 dollars for a making the visa. This is a great money for me, but MONEY IS NOT THE MAIN THING IN A LIFE. I trust You, and I know that YOU are a MAN of HONOR, and YOU are a GENTLEMAN. If You can help me, I ask you, please, help me!!! Eliot, please forgive me for all my words. I speak so because I am in a despair. I am afraid of now when only one step separates us. I am afraid that You will not help me, and all my efforts will be senseless. I need You, and I want to be with You , I need your help. I estimated my power badly. And together we are stronger. I think that we will get through difficulties and barriers together, and it will be easier for us if we are together. I understand that this is big money for You. I did not want to ask You. I thought that I could do all by myself. I asked the help very seldom. But now I ask help from you. I have done the step forward. I think you’ll do a step forward too. I hope that I have not insulted You by something. I need You, and I trust You. I know that You will not leave me alone now when there is only the last step. I wait for your answer. Kiss You Yours Olga reply-to Olga ( 09.10.07 6.12am Letter> 19 Hello my love Eliot, Thanks you for the letter, for your understanding and support. I did not know as me to be and what to do. When I have read your letter that all have understood. Thanks you for your help. My dear I all it to do for the sake of ours happiness, for the sake of our future that we have met and have made our life happy. I love you. I wish to be with you always and never to leave! I to do the tourist visa, and under this visa I can be at you in a current of 3 months. It more than is enough, that we were together and spent every day our life. I wish to spend with you all these days and not to leave. Because I am afraid of you to lose and you to me very much dear. As to tickets that it is necessary to grant all sum at once. Because they do not accept instalments. And as soon as I will grant the necessary sum that they to me to give tickets. And I will fly to you my love! Eliot I went today to bank to receive particulars. The adviser of bank has explained to me that the most convenient way of transfer of money is the westernunion or moneygram. It is a safe and fast way. Also to me have explained that you should require my data for transfer of money. Here my data: Surname - Ostapenko Name - Olga The country - Russia City - Nizhni Novgorod Street - Timirjazeva street, 7 Also the adviser has explained that I should require your full data and a confidential code. My love Eliot I very much wish to be with you, and I wait day of our meeting. When we can embrace each other and feel our love to each other. My dear Eliot I will wait your letter with news. Write to me as soon as possible that I did not worry. For ever your Olga. My letter in response 09.10.07 3.56pm Hello My Love. I hope you have had a quiet day. I am very well, and think of you all day. Firstly, I am unable to use westernunion as I do not have a Visa or Mastercard. I am aware that your Bank advisor is doing his job, may be you could open an account with the bank, as It is very easy for me to do a bank to bank transfer. All I need is bank account details. I have a meeting with my bank advisor on Friday 12th October, he speaks English so I will hope for the best result. Please remain patient, My Love. Your Visa will not start until you arrive in my country, as it is a Visitors Visa they can not date it, until you arrive in a different country. Please keep well and very safe for me My Love. All My Love Eliot. reply-to Olga ( 12.10.07 11.01am Letter> 20 Hello my love Eliot, How your affairs? How your mood? At me good mood. My dear Eliot I could not write to you some days. Forgive me. I am assured that you to wait for my answer. But I should say goodbye to the parents. And some days I visited parents. I long time talked to mum. She has told that I have found the love. And it was very glad for me and has seen in my opinion happiness and pleasure. My darling Eliot forgive me that I have not warned you. The truth I very much wish to be with you and you are very necessary to me. Today I have arrived and since the morning I could not write you the answer. Because at and me was a lot of work. But now I had a free time and I am very glad to read your letter. I wish to tell and show much to you to these that I to you to feel. But I cannot transfer all feelings to you only the letter. I want that you could feel it. But I will show real love when I will arrive to you my love Eliot! Because I thought all these days only of you. Thought that you to miss on me and under my letters. My dear Eliot I perfectly understand you that you to want only the best for us. That we were together and that we were happy. I cannot present myself the day of our meeting first at all. I so wish you to embrace and kiss you. Will feel your excitement which at you at a meeting. My love Eliot at me comes to an end time. Because I still should talk to the manager of hotel, and will write the statement for that that at me holiday. I think that you understand me. My Eliot I will wait for your prompt reply and news. Here data about which you to require: Acc ¹ 47422840400090000009 pay through: vtb 24 (jsc), swift cbgurumm yoshkar-ola branch, st.vashskaya 8 payment detalis ¹ maps 4483460502340981 olga ostapenko My Letter in response 12.10.07 5.08pm Hello My Love. I was very happy to receive your letter today. I hope you are very well, I am well. Today at 4pm, I went and had the meeting with my bank manager. He told me that there are 4 reasons, why I can not have a Bank Loan:: 1) I do not earn over 1,000 Euros a month, which is 1,423 USD. I earn 600/700 Euros a month, which is 854/996 USD. 2) I must not go over-drawn, or acquire any kind of debt for 12 Months,

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