Scam report about mercy philip

First name:  mercy
Last name:  philip
Age:  30
Location:  Africa, Nigeria
Address:  see report below* @ 24342 report
Phone:  +2348069417777
On websites:  yahoo
Report:  day3 mercy_philip1976: Hello my darling mercy_philip1976: the hotel manager is making a trouble with me\ mercy_philip1976: he said they musnt let me use the computer to cominicate any more mercy_philip1976: brb jediknight4hire1: call the cops on him jediknight4hire1: what is the nane and adress of this hotel? is there an american embassy aruond there? mercy_philip1976: nop there is no one mercy_philip1976: am back mercy_philip1976: the name of the hotel is Lemeriadian International Hotel jediknight4hire1: I may not know international law but im sure the embassy will take care of this matter...dont be afraid of a us citizen you are covered by american laws when abroad. mercy_philip1976: thanks my darling jediknight4hire1: what is the adress...the full one ...mgrs name...and fax #...Ill see if we can generate some heat for him to do right mercy_philip1976: his contact phone number is .............. +2348069417777 mercy_philip1976: his yahoo mail address is................. mercy_philip1976: the hotel manager name is....................Mr richard Johnson jediknight4hire1: I dont think he can take your passport for any reason dont let him Bs YOU mercy_philip1976: i am really getting tire here mercy_philip1976: i cant lie to you jediknight4hire1: Holding your passport is like holding you, it equates to imprisoning a us citizen mercy_philip1976: am gettting tired alotssssssssss jediknight4hire1: I will see what I can do later is just after midnight here mon am mercy_philip1976: ok my love mercy_philip1976: thank you verry much mercy_philip1976: its mon morning here mercy_philip1976: 8: 10 am mercy_philip1976: since the day that i ahd meet you i ahd knew that you are the onlyb one one that can redeem my losted happyness and joy mercy_philip1976: you are the only man that can make me happy mercy_philip1976: and i am using this period of time that i wont never and ever let you feel hurt or feel disapointed in me never mercy_philip1976: and i will use all my life to take good care of you when i get to you over there mercy_philip1976: ho its a pity for me that i losted my parent jediknight4hire1: Im glad I met You too I can not tell you how depressed and sad iVe been feeling lately since may you know ps did you get the e mail and pictures i sent u mercy_philip1976: thank for the E mail and pictrure mercy_philip1976: i do got it mercy_philip1976: you are the only man that is keeping my soul save mercy_philip1976: and i will do all my best to make you great when i get to you jediknight4hire1: i will see if i can get some overtime next weekend mercy_philip1976: ok my love mercy_philip1976: my ticket will soon get expired by this week saturday mercy_philip1976: because i might have being back to state since last three weeks ago mercy_philip1976: but i had begg this man if he can help me mercy_philip1976: he refused to heard any thing from me mercy_philip1976: and am not happy about my situation at all jediknight4hire1: soory my dearest mercy_philip1976: if you can help me to get this money from any body over therte i do promise you that i will pay it back to whom ever you get the mopney from in a good return jediknight4hire1: I recently just moved up here from ocean shores for the new job and do not know anyone except the neigbor i mentioned in the email to you sent earlier today mercy_philip1976: ok my darling mercy_philip1976: but if you can still help me with any amounyt mercy_philip1976: may be i may be giving it to mr richard till the money will reach mercy_philip1976: pleas jediknight4hire1: how would i get it to you even? mercy_philip1976: i think through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER mercy_philip1976: and i can collect the ID that you will use to send it mercy_philip1976: i still have alot of things to do for you whe i get to state and you ill know that i come from a good family mercy_philip1976: pleas just have a good faith in me mercy_philip1976: i will do all my best as soona s as i relocate to you jediknight4hire1: just in case i can find out the details and give me instructions i havnt sent money oversees before mercy_philip1976: ok my love mercy_philip1976: let me collect the information that you will use to send it jediknight4hire1: ok i will expect it but it may take time i do not wish to get your hopes up to count just on me mercy_philip1976: am back to you my dearest King Nick mercy_philip1976: here is the information that you will use to send it mercy_philip1976: NAME............... RICHARD JOHNSON ADEKUNLE COUNTY............ NIGERIA STATE..............OSUN CITY................. ILE IFE ADDRESS......... # 35 .A. MORE STREET ZIP CODE..........23436 PHONE NUMBER............+2348069417777 TEXT QUESTION............MONEY SEND TO WHO ANSWER................... MERCY mercy_philip1976: you will send through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER mercy_philip1976: and the TEXT QUESTION OF THE MONEY WILL BE................. MONEY SEND TO WHO ? mercy_philip1976: ANSWER WILL BE........................ MERCY mercy_philip1976: AS A PASSWORD mercy_philip1976: thank you my darling husband jediknight4hire1: for u i will try my best mercy_philip1976: thank you my dear jediknight4hire1: i will have to go now i need do laundry and dishes before i go to bed so i can get ready for my work week jediknight4hire1: love nick mercy_philip1976: ok my darlinf mercy_philip1976: when will you back online to me ? jediknight4hire1: after 1;00 am pst tue am about then mercy_philip1976: ok mercy_philip1976: you can mail me the information that you ill sue to send the money as soon as you have get it send mercy_philip1976: ok mercy_philip1976: and the MTCN number mercy_philip1976: bye

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