First name: Edith
Last name: Menya
Age: 32
Location: Accua Ghana
On websites: american singles
Report:     she is very convincing and she has a passport Ghanain and a USA visa that is dated Oct 9 2007 she uses a name of a agent in Lagos, Nigeria she needs money for air fare since she already has her passport and visa, Started out needing 2000USD and then came down to 1350USD has need money for her internet was going to be shut off. will send picture of herself naked and says she has a digital camera and takes them herself is very strong push to send money and gets upset really easy about it. and is very pushy about things like you don't love me and so on. doesn't answer you to quick sometime and most of all was born in the USA in Terra Horte IL and yet know nothing about the states and some times her english is good and some terrible
Status of report: is still without proof