Scam report about Irina

First name:  Irina
Age:  32
Location:  Troitsk, Lugansk region
Report:  After one week someone ask me for money to pay her translator .this is the last e-mail... Dear Sir, We want to let You know that Irina is using services of translationand Internet of our Translating Company. As it is charged services, Sheneeds to fill up Her account, because it has come to the end and Shedoesn't have the opportunity to write letter to You. She wants You toknow that She is still interested in You and in your furthercommunication. If You want to have further correspondence with Her we can send Youthe needed information about our services and prices which are ratheravailable. If You are not interested in the Lady please beconfidential about the given information from Irina. Best wishes. We are open for all of Your suggestions. Respectfully,Principal of TC

Status of report:  is still without proof

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