First name: Faith
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria / UK
On websites:
Report:     I was contacted by this woman shortly after joining the website She claimed to live in Worcester and that she was USA born. She also claims to be a professional model for a clothing company. The first few Emails I received were ok she told me that after her parents died in a traffic accident a friend of the family brought her to England when she was 11. As the Emails continued I noticed that there were a lot of spelling mistakes and some of the sentences made no sense. She said that she was in Nigeria at the moment modelling for a big clothing company and she was with her promoter who had got her this assignment. The last Email I received said that her promoter had gone to Australia to sort out some family business and she was left with the hotel bill. She claims that she went to the Embassy and told them what had happened. They told her that she had been a bit stupid for falling into a trap involving young models, and agreed to put her on a flight to the UK. She said that she had some money for part of the bill. Thats when she asked me to send her 670 pounds sterling to pay the rest of the bill and that she would pay me back when she arrives back in the UK. I have contacted friendsreunited about this. By looks of it they must have been already tipped off because her profile has gone from the website.
Status of report: is still without proof