Scam report about Jessica Martin

First name:  Jessica
Last name:  Martin
Age:  31
Location:  Cotonou Benin
On websites:  many
Report:  #5 Block Join Date: Oct 2007 Posts: 6 Jessica, Sabrina and Greg -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [quote=Edward Ireland;31357]Her name: [email] Uses Christanity as her cover. God found us Is on American sites also --- (greensberg, pensyllvania), has recently updated these since scamming me to her real age ? (30/31); utterly believable and loving. I believed in her utterly --- she may have actually fallen for me but her real game is scam. Talked about our future --- kept saying i LOVE YOU and my heart is in Bradford You are my heartbeat You are the air I breathe Made out she was in final year to become BSc Accountancy and then would meet me at Heathrow and we would have glorious future together. Stated she would sell her house left to her by her father in Al Quayran, Tunisia and pay off my debts; got totally involverd in me and what I was doing and our planning for a wonderful future. I loved her and thought it was reciprocated --- on yahoo messenger pining for me? Sent money because I did believe; when we had minor disagreement she mobiled me in desperation Money sent to friend Sabrina --- ex benin as she said she didnt speak french --- native benin language; money sent first for mobile(£200) then for Sabrina (£200); then for her travel to UK ( international visa / air tickets --- grossly over priced but stated to be through agency in Cotonou) Then sent money ( bta -- immigration lagos require 1500 US $ which I will return darling when we meet up) Party held at Sabrinas to celebrate our engagement and say goodbye. Darling I cannot face you I have been so careless and stupid Have been at police station all day crying Had to make complaint I thought she had slept with a guy at the party and became very low. She eventually e-mailed and chatted; told me that money from me (£750 / $1500) left in drawer at her flat. When she returned from party on the Saturday morning, her flat ransacked --- her jewellery stolen and my money! I asked about £240 I had sent also for excess baggage -- she said that was in her jeans pocket all the time. I loved this girl right? I thought I acted maturely now --- I said to stop the sorries and we together could work it out --- I would send £550 if she saved the £200 in her jeans and I took control or so I thought. I sat up all night working out how I could manage. There was just 2 days till we met forever. She knew I had the engagement ring and called me husband. How I was a wonderful man --- her knight in shining armour. did I promise to always be faithful. Promise She even seemed jealous about other girls I knew as friends --- uncanny! I asked her to sleep at sabrinas and be very careful; I was concerned for her well-being. I said that I would send her £550 and with the £200 she had we could be together --- she had given me correct flight details I asked her to keep this money safe next to her all the time --- she said no-one would get this money ----she would kill first for us. I sent her Western Union transfer details on Monday 22nd October by e-mail. She said I love you and I love you more over and over. She hadnt been on chat for a while. Late at night on Monday 22nd October --- remember she had already Western Union transfer details then by e-mail, she yahoo messengered me --- saying I had to get back to the flat to talk to you --- I love you so much ---I cannot wait to be in your arms --- I miss you so much I was worried for her safety. She said there was a policeman on guard outside her flat. We had a really loving chat. Suddenly she said she was tired and must go. She was still online for 15 minutes. I became jealous but made light of it in my chat. She didnt reply but suddenly went offline. (She had wanted confirmation of the money I had sent. Yet it was all on e-mail ---- why so?) She said Greg had waklked her back - on asking she had said Greg, Sabrinas boyfriend was a real man! And since that chat ----nothing! I certainly loved that girl -- I even turned back to God and the church, I thought that God had selected us. I became happier in my belief than I have ever been. She was my angel. OK --- there was cyber-sex too And she used to say ---pls preserve our secret darling But after Monday night there was nothing She knew about my spending the night in Ruslip to meet her early at Heathrow. She knew everything about me. I waited by arrivals at 06.20 No-one showed Except a coloured girl fi tting Sabrinas description who almost deliberately turned and looked at me and smiled. I waited until 10.00. I called immigration, I called Customs; Problem: Data Protection They would not tell me anything. To attempt access to the lists of passengers boarding at Lagos I contacted the police. I met a Nigerian policeman (Jessica did not trust Nigerians) He said that I must accept the fact that I had been scammed -- to calm down. He said that I could report the incident either at Heathrow or wh en I returned to Bradford. I returned to Bradford. Bradford police were most unhelpful and did not want to know. Since I have n ot he ard a word

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