Scam report about Inna

First name:  Inna
Age:  22
Location:  Donetsk Ukraine
Report:  Hi, My Dear Scam victim! You made me smile with your letter as I was waiting for it like alittle girl waits for Christmas:) I am not a novelist or poet and I amin the process of learning how to write letters. I used to think thatit is not possible to feel the person through written words. One mygood friend proved me that I was wrong! She has found her soul mate in the opposite side of the Universe, they communicated for a long time,this man visited her several times and guess what? They are planning their wedding next year. This story overwhelmed me and pushed me todiscover the Internet:)Dear Peter, thanks for your compliments,I appreciate that you are so kind and sweet with me. Dear, I have never been abroad and I would like to travel a lot. Peter, as for your age - I do not care about it,if we have serious relations we will think together about kids, tohave them or not,ok Dear? I am sorry to say it but I am disappointed with Ukrainian men becauseof the example of my father and one bad experience. If you do not mind I will tell you everything step by step. This happened two years ago...I met a man who seemed very kind and intelligent, he promised a world for me...I was blind and I did not notice that he hide his past life from me. As it turned out he was a prisoner who escaped from the prison, he used to tell me beautiful lies every day. When he had some problems with the apartment he rented I proposed him to stay for sometime in my flat and it was my great mistake. This mean man robbed meand he disappeared in unknown way, I did not call the police as Iloved him...From this time I was afraid to start any relations with men as I could not trust anyone. Can you imagine this? But it was inthe past and I need a strong and honest man by my side, whom I can trust. Dear, I want to have a strong family and to live happily with my husband and kids. I really want to help my mother who has devoted all her live to her daughter, to me. She has two jobs, at the end of the day she is so tired and I am trying to support her. I want my Mom to be proud of me. I have not been studying at the University but I would like to go there as soon as I get the needed sum of money.Also I want you to know that I really do not know English language...I am sorry that I did not tell you this in my first letter, I totally forgot! Also I was afraid that you would stop our communication.I`m using translating agency which is very reliable, with a good reputation in my city. I hope you`ll understand me and we will continue our lettering. That is all for now, please write me all your thoughts.Hope to get a letter from you very soon. Your Ukrainian Girl Inna

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