Scam report about Mira Gromova

First name:  Mira
Last name:  Gromova
Aka:  Svetlana Tarasova
Age:  26
Location:  Russia Izhevsk
On websites:
Report:  Long time I had perfect correspondence with Svetlana she answered all questions but I have played with this girl, I had knowledge she was reported here under another name she would travel to me and ask my help, never I got her own address and phonenumber she told I needed to pay a travel agency it was so far that I told her she is scammer and than I was surprised I got a letter from Mira Gromova it was her friend who made her pictures. I order her to take another big and known agency in Izhevsk she could not do that because her agency started to arrange her papers later I asked her to make two pictures in front of two buildings in Izhevsk I gave her, later I got the pictures. she would arrive October 30th to me and pressed me to pay her travel than I informed my embassy or she got her visa but her name was unknown than I asked the big known agency or they know her agency after a kind answer form that big agency I learned that her travel agency was unknown and the address was a flat than the address of her agency was not complete. I blame her she play with me and now she is gone or silence.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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