Scam report about Leticia Ansomah

First name:  Leticia
Last name:  Ansomah
Aka:  Leticial28
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
Phone:  00233246051682
On websites:
Report:  leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:00:24): I am 30years leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:00:34): I think you are also 30 Constructor (29/10/2007 0:00:34): like me leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:00:37): Right Constructor (29/10/2007 0:00:39): Great leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:00:49): Of Course i do like you alot Constructor (29/10/2007 0:00:57): Do you want to have kids in your life? leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:01:42): Ohh yes as long as the one am in love with will perfer that for fathers are the head in the family leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:02:11): wow always handsome Constructor (29/10/2007 0:02:29): Am glad you like me leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:02:52): ha ha, well you have to be proud of course, because i am Constructor (29/10/2007 0:02:58): So have you ever visited a European country before? Constructor (29/10/2007 0:03:18): I AM VERRY HAPPY leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:03:29): No not really and willing to one day if i have the chance... Thank God that you are Constructor (29/10/2007 0:04:10): do you see yourself able to come and visit me, once? leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:04:59): Hmm of course if you perfer and wants me to, wowo you are soo handsome., how handsome and why are you still single am wondering for i think all the women will be running after you lovely handsome Constructor (29/10/2007 0:05:38): No, it's not like that leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:06:06): Is like what Lol leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:06:20): Constructor (29/10/2007 0:06:24): and am glad it is not like that, i want only to be one girl crazy about me, and that is YOU leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:07:08): ha ha, you made me smile and i hope so, well i think of course i am goin crazy for you are soo handsome and i cant wait to tell my mum and daddy about you Constructor (29/10/2007 0:07:48): what will they say, or they don't mind, i'm white... leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:09:35): well we dont care about looks we are all one, you have to bear in mind and also i wont and never listen to whtever anyone could say, it is said that when truebenging is about to start you might have people trying to spoil it leticia ansomah (29/10/2007 0:09:47): so i wont and ever listen to what evet anyone could say.......

Status of report:  is still without proof

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