Scam report about Mariama Kassim

First name:  Mariama
Last name:  Kassim
Aka:  Emmanuella Tetteh, Jessica Michael
Age:  She states 32 (DOB) she gave makes her 35
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Address:  Kanada-Highway #106 Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone:  +233-249-946-278
On websites:
Report:  1st contact 10-24-07, via states she lives in New York is 94 yrs old and want to talk to me.(I have noticed from past dealings with these scammers. They list a very high age in there profiles. A very good indication they are a scammer. Contact her to get more information. (See attached profile) 10-24-07 receive e-mail message via singlesnet. States she made a mistake on her age in her profile, is really 32 and lives in Ghana. Wants me to chat with her on yahoo messenger. Told her not my computer dont have yahoo messenger. Gives me e-mail address. (see attached e-mail message) 1st letter 10-25-07, Tells me about herself and all these master degrees she has,but wants to be a hair stylists (giant red flag) also includes pictures. I found her on stop-scammers under the name Jessica Michael, from Accra, Ghana Decide to play her game and get all the information on I couuld. (See attached letter) 2nd letter 10-25-07. Very well written about her idea of a relationship.(looks and sounds like it was copied from a book) (see attached letter) 3rd letter 10-28-07, wants to talk to me on phone, wants money for phone card. told her I could get phone card here cheaper and transfer card to her. Next two (2) letters tries to convince me transfered phone card wont work. Wants money to buy it there. Gives me a totally different name a long with an address to send money. Tell her it will work wont send money. (see attached letters) 5th letter 10-30-07, No longer wants phone card. Wants to marry me needs thousand dollars for passport and travel papers and for me to book a fight for her online. Told her I needed full name, address, dob and phone number to book on line flight. (see attached letter) 6th letter 10-31-07, Gives me same name and address as in letter 3, only this time says emmanuella is her middle name. Phone number is her fathers. In 1st letter tells me father died in car accident 2 years ago.(these scammers are stupid dont even remember what they tell you) Didnt give dob. Tell her must have dob to book flight and ask for more pictures. (played her like a fine tune piano) (see attached letter) 7th letter 10-31-07, Give me d.o.b. 1 January 1972, makes her 35. Tells me in 1st e-mail massage she is 32. (I was using the name Robert) In this letter she calls me GARRY. also includes more pictures. (see attached letter and pictures)

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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