SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Joleen gregory

First name: Joleen
Last name: gregory
Aka: Diana Johnson
Age: 27 (though other sources say 30)
Location: sagamu Nigeria and Chicago USA
Phone: 234-39775214
Report:     She doesn't chat much at least to me. Perhaps b/c She knows I won't send to give any money to her. But ask to see if I would help her out with reshipping of some stock from Nigeria to my country. I declined of course. Sometimes she is confused with the aquaintance to Diana Johnson I think they are friends, but when i spoke about each other... they deny and despise each other. I don't believe this at all. They do similiar ways of doing things too. If you place search for id of Joleen_kath.. you get D.J. With that of Joleen's picture in other scam sites
Status of report: is still without proof