First name: Masha
Age: 27
Location: Melovoye - Luhans'ka (Ukraine)
On websites: Heratsin.Europe
Report:     Her pictures and her last letter, where she asked me money for to continue our correspondence. Hello, Dear Max! Thank you for your interest! and I was very glad to learn some information about yourself so i guess now it is my turn to let you know at least basic info about myself hahaha:)I will tell you about myself! I am a simple down to earth lady, polite honest, like to have fun and to play jokes, i have many friends, i enjoy a lot of things actually i enjoy each moment the life presents us! Well, I am Masha. My parents used to call me Marijka:) It is for short, pet name from Masha. I am 27 yo. I graduated from collage where i studied to be a hairdresser so now I work in a beauty salon. I live in Melovoye. It is a small town even settlement in the east of Ukraine, near the Russian border. I was born on the 1st of June in 1980 so I am Gemini if it matters! I live not far from my parents i rent a flat .My parents are on retirement now. My father is an miner and my mom is seller. Well i have a sister as well! her name is Nastya, she is 35 and she lives in Novorosiysk, Russia.... ...well i will close now but i will be waiting for your reply impatiently take care cordially Your Masha Hello, my Dear:) Unfortunately Today when I came to the translation agency they told me bad news! I was told that our correspondence account that I have paid is low and should be renewed but really i am short of money and i cant afford this myself! I pay each letter 4 euro your and mine to get translated so honey right now it is very difficult to pay but you see i dont want to loose you:) I am so sad it is so bad when you cant even talk to the man you like! In the agency i was asked to pay either per two weeks 85 Euro :0 and we can exchange as many letter as we want may be you can help??? Take care kiss Yours Masha
Status of report: is still without proof