SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Ulyana Byharena

First name: Ulyana
Last name: Byharena
Aka: vallentina manylova
Age: 30
Location: Russia Pohvistnevo Samara
On websites:
Report:     dear Glenn, I am so happy that you are trying and don't give up on me. You know I was so nervous and I was even afraid to go the Internet cafe and check mail from you because I was afraid that you say no. I don't know what to say because I am still nervous. We have only few days to get the money and buy tickets.I told you that life here in Moscow is incredibly expensive, every day I have to pay for renting a room and buy some food to eat. I have contract signed with the travel agency that they do all necessary preparations for my trip including tickets. They suport me in the Embassy and do all paper work.This is email eddr. of the travel agency: Last night I coudn't sleep. I guess this is because of the whole situation. I was thinking a lot about our meeting and how this will happen. Do you have any ideas? If so, share with me. I also want you to share with me sincerely with everyting you expect from our meeting and what you expect from me. This will make us feel closer for each other. Once again, I give you my address in Moscow for Western Union: Country : Russia City: Moscow Address: Novatorov, 51 - 32 postal code (zip) : 119442 Full name: Valentina Manylova Let me know as soon as possible! I kiss you many many times!!! Your Valentina one of many letters she sent
Status of report: is still without proof