Scam report about valentine monasova

First name:  valentine
Last name:  monasova
Aka:  val or valya
Age:  29
Location:  gubukha, presently in moscow trying to fly to usa. 11-12-2007
Address:  618250, russia, perm kray, gubukha, lomonosova street, build 24, apart 35
Phone:  no phone, claims she would have to use a call center
On websites:  yahoo personals far as I know
Report:  started to write about 7 months ago. said she was on an professional exchange with travel company. never mentioned companys name. never asked for money. said I was the last one she ever wanted to ask. came time to get ticket, and documents to travel to usa. went to agency and finished paying off company after they increased her service fee. when she left company. she said small boy ran out in front of her and she hit a foreign car. she had no insurance. the road police gave her the ticket and towed it to a yard. told her a date when she needed to pay it by. she says she went back to the agency and got a refund of some of her money. she never asked but she did let me know that she needed 710 us dollars to pay for plane ticket. she sent me a copy of a iteneray ticket from aeroflot airlines. she sent me a scan copy of her russian passport. said she wanted to prove to me that she was coming to work in the states where I lived. said agency was giving her 2 month of temporary housing to find a permanant resident. have a job line up here when she arrived. said when she got to newyork. they were going to give her 3000.00 dollars to advance her moving. she was unemployed due to the fact she said she gave her two week notice. if I wanted to send her something. remind you that she never did ask. she said she could not recieve it herself because being unemployed. they would not let her recieve the funds. so she gave me a name of irina pokochailo who she says cant recieve it anymore due to the fact she lost her passport as of 11-9-2007. since she couldnt recieve money for her by western union. she gave me a new name if I wanted to help pay for this. evgenija perekidailo. she gave me this name because she says she tried to fly out. but instead of the 710dollars for the ticket. they wanted to charge her 450 more for insurance. sounded not right. being that I worked security for six years at a airport. I knew something was fishy. this is when she gave me evgenijas name for western union. I called the offices of aeroflot in washington, and new york. they do not make passengers pay insurance. like all other airlines. INSURANCE IS AN OPTION!!!! on 11/11/07. I was googling on yahoo on other scam sights. found out why irina lost her pasport or as she says. why she (valentine) was so much in a hurry to leave. within the last 2 weeks. they both were put on a blacklist for scammers. so she is trying to get out of russia quick. valentines email is irinas is what a coinsindence. one addres is 77and the other 78. didnt get one on evgenija perekidailo. the banks that she was usin are the bank of moscow and probusiness bank in moscow.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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